Clickatell SMS for Bitrix24


Bitix24 is a leading CRM software which contains complete set of tools for management, collaboration and communication. It helps to connect with unlimited leads, contacts and deals. For any growing business, communication has to be faster and efficient to reach the organization goals. Clickatell is a leading provider of chat commerce to many telecommunication companies. It makes people connected through mobile communication or chat. Its seamless advantages, makes the interaction between the company and the customer easy and faster. Hence, Clickatell SMS for Bitrix24 application helps in connecting these two major platforms for making digital communication easier without any interruption.

Pre - requisites for app installation

  • Should have Bitrix24 account

  • Should have Clickatell account


  • Send SMS to Leads, Contacts and Deals

  • Send bulk messages to Leads, Contacts and Deals

  • View Clickatell History inside Leads, Contacts and Deals

  • Receive and reply to incoming Clickatell messages

  • Create and manage message templates

Application Installation

Step 1: Go to Bitrix24 marketplace and search for the application "Clickatell SMS for Bitrix24". Click Install to install the application.

Step 2: Select the check boxes by agreeing to the terms and conditions and then click "Install".

Step 3: You will be directed to the Clickatell SMS for Bitrix24 settings page. Authorize your Bitrix24 account by clicking Connect Now. Enter your Clickatell credentials and click Authorize Now to authorize your Clickatell account.

Step 4: Enter the Clickatell credential (API key) from your Clickatell account by clicking "Get here" option. Once you give "Get here", you will be re-directed to Clickatell site for logging in to your account. Under One API section, click "Create One API Integration".

Step 5: Give some name and description for the API integration. Also select the integration type.

Step 6: Enable the options which you require in the Clickatell SMS channels. Click "Generate API" to create a new Clickatell API key.

Step 7: A new API key will be generated. Copy the key and paste it in the Clickatell for Pipedrive settings page.

Step 8 : For getting the status of the outgoing and incoming messages, copy the reply and status call URL from the Clickatell SMS for Bitrix24 settings page and record the same in the Clickatell API integration page.

Step 9: In the Clickatell API integration page, under settings, enable the reply callbacks and status notifications. Enter the reply callback URL and status callback URL in the respective target address places.

Step 10: Click "Save changes" to save the URLs in the integration page.

Step 11: Now, the integration status will be enabled.

This is the installation of the application, Clickatell SMS for Bitrix24.

Application working

1) Send Single SMS to leads

Go to any of the Bitrix leads. Click the "Clickatell SMS" option. Select the lead's number and the template message you want to send. You can also type your message and click Send SMS.

2) Send Bulk SMS to leads

Step 1: Go to any of the leads in Bitrix. Click the "Clickatell SMS" option. Click the "Bulk" option at the right corner. You can use either Add number option or Add contact or lead option to whom you want to send bulk messages. Click Send Bulk SMS to send the messages.

Step 2: For adding the leads, select the check box near the leads and click Add to add the numbers.

Step 3: The added numbers will be displayed in the To box. You can either select a template or type your message.

View message history as comment

The messages you send or receive will be added as a comment inside each lead/contact/deal. Here, you can view the message status, To number and the message.

Send campaign messages to clients

Click Marketing --> Campaigns --> Create Campaign --> SMS Campaign. You can use Clickatell SMS for sending campaign messages and click Save and Apply.

Create and manage templates

Click Create New Template option while sending Single or Bulk SMS. Enter the name for your template and also select the module in which you will be accessing this template. Insert any fields if required and click Save to save the template.

The same functionality and working is also applicable for the Bitrix24 contacts and deals module.

This is the installation and working of the application Clickatell SMS forBitrix24 CRM.