MessageBird SMS, WhatsApp & Viber for Freshdesk


-Visit the Freshdesk Marketplace and find the extension "MessageBird SMS, WhatsApp & Viber for Freshdesk".

-Click on Install.

-Click on the MessageBird icon on the panel on the right side of your Freshdesk dashboard.

-Sign in to Ulgebra using your Freshdesk email id.

-Enter your Freshdesk credentials and authorize the Freshdesk account.

-Enter your MessageBird credentials to authorize the MessageBird account.

The extension has been installed and you are now good to go!


-Send messages from Tickets & Contacts

Converse using MessageBird from Tickets & Contact inside Freshdesk using the "Send MessageBird Message" option under MessageBird SMS, WhatsApp & Viber for Freshdesk. Select your MessageBird Sender and the contact number field to view the complete history of the conversations and send the messages. Enter your message or insert message templates. You can also insert Ticket/Contact fields, User fields and emojis within the message. The messages can now be sent.

-Receive incoming messages

The MessageBird messages sent by your contact using the various communication channels can be viewed within Freshdesk. Click on your profile within the extension interface and Select "Incoming events sync". Here you can enable the MessageBird channels form which you wish to receive the incoming messages.

-Activate desktop notifications

Within the extension interface, click on your profile and select "Message Notifications". Enter the email id of the user, containing an Ulgebra account, for whom you wish to enable desktop notifications for your incoming MessageBird messages and click on "Add User". Copy the link received and share it with the respective user. The user must paste the link in their browser and sign in to Ulgebra using the entered email id. Click on "Start Receiving desktop notifications on this browser". The user would be able to receive the desktop notifications to your incoming messages.

-MessageBird Inbox

Click on the MessageBird icon on the panel on the right to view the complete conversations held using your various MessageBird channels. Select any conversation to view the history of the particular conversation. You can also send messages using templates, user fields and emojis within the conversation. The incoming messages can be accessed within the Inbox and would be highlighted through which you can easily reply to them. Select any MessageBird sender to view all the conversations held with the particular sender. You can also search for a contact number to view the conversations corresponding to the number.