MessageBird SMS, WhatsApp & Viber for Freshsales


- Find the extension 'MessageBird SMS, WhatsApp & Viber for Freshsales' on the Freshworks Marketplace.

-Click on 'Install'.

-Select any contact from the Freshsales Contacts Page.

-Click on 'MessageBird SMS, WhatsApp & Viber for Freshsales' under 'Contact Details'.

-Sign in to Ulgebra using your Freshsales email id.

-Enter the Freshsales API Key and authorize your Freshsales account.

-Enter the MessageBird credentials and authorize your MessageBird account.

Within any Freshsales contact, select the extension under Contact/Deal details. Select your MessageBird Sender from the dropdown. Select the required phone field of the contact. Using the 'Add Recipients' option, you can add multiple phone numbers. Using this option you can add your desired phone numbers, search for a specific contact/deal and also select any filter within Freshsales to add the numbers pertaining to that filter in order to send bulk messages. You can also enter the default country code and select the condition for the addition of this country code. Enter the content of the message or insert a template. You can insert Users/Contact/Deal fields and emojis into your message. Click on Send SMS to send your message.

Click on your profile within the extension settings to access the features such as 'Workflows', 'Incoming Messages' and 'Message Notifications'.

Multiple users can receive desktop notifications for your incoming MessageBird messages. Click on 'Message Notifications' within your profile. Enter the email id of the user containing an Ulgebra account and click on 'Add user'. Copy the link received and share it with the user. The user must open the link on their browser and sign in to Ulgebra using the entered email id. Click on 'Start Receiving notifications on this browser'. The user can now receive desktop notifications.

Within the panel on the left side of Freshsales, click on the MessageBird icon to access the MessageBird Inbox where you can view all the MessageBird conversations held. Select any conversation to view the complete chat and send messages. You can also view the incoming messages which would be highlighted and reply to the messages. Search for any particular number to view the conversation and send messages to the number. Select a MessageBird sender and view all the conversations held using the selected sender.

Automated messages can be sent through the extension using the workflow features within Freshsales. Create workflows based on your requirements. Select the action as 'Trigger Webhook'. Click on your profile within the extension interface and click on 'Workflows' to view the webhook parameters to send messages through SMS and WhatsApp. You can also send WhatsApp media templates and attachments using the workflow. Enter the details provided and fill in the values for the parameters.