Calendly for

About is a web and mobile work management platform. It can be customized and designed in such a way as a CRM tool to help teams collaborate by efficiently tracking the project, workflows and can also view all the corresponding data. This cloud based platform allows it users to create their own applications and work management software. And also, the world is becoming more accessible place day to day. Almost everything can be booked online – from a dentist appointment to haircut. This makes people too comfortable by saving money, time and energy.

In the digital world, online appointment has made everything easier. Calendly is a cloud-based appointment scheduling software which enables owners to manage their online appointments. The application Calendly for helps manage appointments with clients online and provides a real time update regarding the appointments inside the CRM itself.

Pre - requisites for app installation

  • Should have account

  • Should have Calendly account


  • Schedule appointments to clients

  • Receive appointments from clients

  • View appointment status

  • View appointment history

  • Reschedule or cancel appointment easily

  • Have a record of Calendly clients and events

Application Installation

Step 1: Go to App store in and search for the application "Calendly Events" to add the application to your account. You will be directed to the application settings page for making the configuration. First, you have to authorize your account and Calendly account.

Step 2: Give "Connect Now" to authorize your account. A set of permissions will be displayed which you have to accept by clicking the Authorize button.

Step 3: For authorizing your Calendly account, you have to enter your Calendly access token. Click Get here option in the settings page and login to your Calendly account. Click the Integrations option at the top right of your account.

Step 4: Scroll down the page and search for the option API and Webhooks. Click the same for getting the access token.

Step 5: Click Generate New Token option for getting a new Calendly token. Name your token and click Create Token button.

Step 6: A new token will be generated. Click Copy token to copy the Calendly access token. Paste the same in the application settings page and click "Authorize now" so that the Calendly account will be authorized.

Step 7: Now your account and Calendly account are authorized and connected. For managing the Calendly clients and Calendly events in your workspace, you have to create a new board using the templates.

Go to the Workspace--> Click the "Add" option --> Click the "Choose from templates" option.

Step 8: Search for the template "Calendly Meetings Board" and select the same.

Step 9: Click the "Use template" option for creating the board in your account.

Step 10: Now, you can view that under the "Calendly Meetings Board", you can view two boards. Among them, the "Calendly Meetings" board contains the details of the scheduled meetings and their status and the "Calendly Contacts" board contains the client's details who has scheduled a meeting with you.

Step 11: In the extension settings page at Step 3, now select the boards accordingly and map the columns in the board as indicated so that the values will be mapped accordingly in the respective boards.

Step 12: For getting the details of the Calendly clients, select the "Calendly Contacts" board and also map the email and phone column.

Step 13: For getting the details of the Calendly events, select the "Calendly Meetings" board and map the required columns like Booking ID, date, re-schedule, and cancellation link. Also, enable the notifications at the bottom to get notified of the new Calendly events.

This is the installation and setup of the application Calendly for

Application Working

1) Get notified of new Calendly events

Whenever a client books a new Calendly appointment with you, the same will be notified in the notifications section.

Since the meeting has been booked by a new client, the person will be added to the Calendly contacts board which you have added.

The new appointment booked by a new client will also be added to the Calendly meetings board which you have added.

2) Re - schedule or cancel the appointment

You can either re-schedule or cancel the meeting which has been booked by the client using the link in the Calendly events board column.

For re-scheduling the meeting, click the re-schedule link and you will be re-directed to the meeting re-scheduling page. Select the convenient date and time slot and confirm it.

Once you have confirmed, you will be asked to enter the reason for re-scheduling the meeting. Once done, click "Update Event" option.

Once updated, you will receive the re-scheduled meeting confirmation.

The re-scheduled or updated meeting will be notified and updated in the Calendly events board.

For cancelling a booked meeting, click the cancellation link in the Calendly events board. You will be re-directed to a page to enter the reason for cancellation. Enter the same and click Cancel event for the meeting to be cancelled.

Once cancelled, you will receive a confirmation regarding the cancelled meeting.

The cancelled meeting will also get notified and updated in the Calendly events board.

3) View past and future Calendly events

For viewing the events you have to create a Calendly meetings view in the dashboard. The process for adding the view is as below:

Step 1: Click the "+" symbol near the Main Table which is to add a view. Select Apps from the drop down.

Step 2: Under Installed Apps category, search for the application Calendly Meetings.

Step 3: Click Open in board option so that the view will be added for you and will be found in the left panel.

Click the Calendly meetings board found in the left panel. You have the option to switch users in the Calendly account to view the meetings associated with the user. You can also enter the mail ID of a client and check the meetings booked with that particular contact.

4) Schedule new appointment or get the Calendly booking link

Click the "+" symbol found at the bottom of the Calendly meetings board. You can either create a new appointment or get the event link using the options provided.

After clicking the New appointment button, select the type of meeting you wish to book.

Choose the convenient date and time slot and confirm the same.

Enter all the required details like name, email and further details.

Click Schedule Event option for scheduling a new Calendly event with client.

Once booked, a meeting booking confirmation will be received and also get notified in the notifications section.

By clicking Get Event Link option, you view the type of events and their links. Click Copy link option to get the meeting booking URL.

This is the installation and working of the application Calendly for This application helps in faster online appointment booking and easy to make modifications if any regarding the meeting.