Clickatell SMS Integration for Bitrix24


Instantly connect with Bitrix24 contacts using Clickatell messages and seamlessly manage interactions through the integration Clickatell SMS for Bitrix24.

This way you can connect with unlimited Leads, Contacts and Deals available in your Bitrix24 CRM and thereby making business communications faster and more efficient in order to reach the organization's goals.

Utilize the chat commerce provided by Clickatell in Bitrixx24 CRM which makes people connected through mobile communication or chat. Its seamless advantages make the interaction between the company and the customer easy and faster. Hence, the Clickatell SMS for Bitrix24 application helps in making digital communication easier without any interruption.

Pre - requisites for app installation

  • Should have Bitrix24 account

  • Should have Clickatell account


  • Send SMS to Leads, Contacts and Deals

  • Send bulk messages to desired contacts

  • View Clickatell SMS History inside Leads, Contacts and Deals

  • Send predefined messages

Application Installation

Install Clickatell SMS for Bitrix24 from the Bitrix24 Marketplace
  • Agree to the permissions and click on 'Install'.

Agree to the permissions and install the extension in Bitrix24 CRM.
  • Authorize your Bitrix24 account using the 'Authorize Now' button.

Authorize Bitrix24 CRM
  • Enter the Clickatell API Key.

  • Authorize Clickatell account.

Authorize Clickatell SMS account

Clickatell SMS for Bitrix24 has been enabled.


Clickatell SMS

  • Go to any Bitrix24 Lead, Contact or Deal.

  • Select Clickatell from the panel on top.

  • Select the Clickatell SMS sender.

Select the Clickatell SMS Sender
  • In case you wish to include multiple contacts, click on 'Add Recipients'.

  • Here you can enter the required contact numbers along with the country code.

Add Recipients to send Clickatell SMS to
  • Enter the default country code and select the settings for the same.

Select default country code settings
  • Type in your message or insert a template.

  • Include Lead/Contact/Deal Fields, User Fields and emojis if required.

  • Send your Clickatell SMS.

Send Clickatell SMS

Clickatell Bulk SMS

  • Select 'Clickatell SMS for Bitrix24' from the menu on the left side of your CRM.

  • Select the Clickatell SMS Sender.

  • Click on 'Add Recipients'.

  • Enter the contact number along with country code.

  • Click on 'Add'.

  • Similarly, multiple contacts can be added to send a bulk Clickatell SMS.

  • Enter the message content or insert a template.

  • Include User Fields and emojis as required.

  • Send your Clickatell Bulk SMS.

Send Clickatell Bulk SMS

Clickatell SMS History

  • Access the History of Clickatell SMS sent as a Comment within the respective contact.

  • View all the details of the SMS sent.

Access Clickatell SMS history as comments within Bitrix24 contact

Clickatell Sender

  • Within the Clickatell SMS for Bitrix24 application interface, click on the 'Choose Sender' drop-down.

  • Click on 'Add New Sender'.

Add new Clickatell Sender
  • Select the type of Sender.

Select the type of Clickatell sender to be added
  • Enter the Clickatell Sender ID.

  • Enter the name using which the Clickatell Sender is to be displayed.

  • Click on 'Save Sender'.

Save Clickatell Sender
  • Click on the pin icon adjacent to the name of the Clickatell sender to make it a default sender.

Select default Clickatell Sender

Clickatell SMS Templates

Create SMS Template

  • Access the Clickatell SMS for Bitrix24 extension.

  • Click on 'Insert Template'.

  • Click on 'Add New Template'.

Add new SMS template
  • Enter the name of the template.

  • Enter the content on the Clickatell message to be send.

  • Include placeholders and emojis within your SMS template.

  • Click on 'Save Template.'

Enter the details and save the new template

Edit SMS Template

  • Click on the edit icon adjacent to the name of the template.

Edit SMS template
  • Make the required changes.

  • Click on 'Save Template'.

Save edited SMS template

Delete SMS Template

  • Click on the delete icon adjacent to the name of the template in order to delete the template.

Delete SMS template

Enhance Bitrix24 communications using Clickatell SMS.


Classic Plan

$5 /user/month

  • 250 Ulgebra credits per month

  • Send Messages via Workflows

  • Message from Leads and Contacts modules

  • Incoming messages support

  • Conversations UI

  • Use common shared or individual numbers for messaging

Select Pla

Additional Credits

In case of additional credit requirements, top-up your Ulgebra Credits.