Twilio Voice  for Zoho CRM


Zoho CRM is one of the best cloud-based Customer Relationship Management software which makes the entire working of the sales team easy.  It is utilized and used in large numbers of small to medium-sized businesses. This CRM helps engage customers faster and keeps an update on all the information.  

Twilio provides cloud-based communications via API. Twilio Calls uses its API to allow users to connect with their clients and customers via calls. Hence Twilio and Zoho CRM are integrated to make customer communication easier and faster. 

Pre - requisites for app installation

Application Installation and Authorization


Step 1: Go to Zoho marketplace and install the extension by  following the below steps.

Step 2: Select the check box by agreeing to the terms and conditions and click on "Continue" option.

Step 3: Choose the profiles to whom you want to install the application in Zoho CRM and click on "Confirm" option. 

Step 4: Then your extension will be successfully installed.


Step 1: To authorize the extension go to your "Leads" Module and open any of the leads. Inside your Lead click on the " Twilio Calls" Option.

Step 2:  Initially you have to authorize your Zoho CRM. By clicking on the "Twilio Calls" option, it will be redirected to the Zoho Accounts page as indicated below. Click on the "Accept" option.

Step 3:  Once your Zoho CRM is successfully authorized, you will be redirected to the Twilio Authorization page. Please click on the "Get Here" option as indicated below, it will be re-directed to the Twilio Console.

Step 4: It will be redirected to the Twilio Console page and you can get the Twilio SID and Auth Token in that page as indicated below.

Step 5: Copy the Account SID and Auth Token from Twilio Console page and paste it  in the Zoho CRM popup. Click on the "Authorize" option as indicated below.

Now you have successfully authorized your Zoho CRM and Twilio account.

Now the autorization process of Twilio Calls with Zo is done . You can open the app from the Leads, Contacts, Deals and accounts Module.

Incoming Call Configuration:

Step 1: Open the Settings page of Twilio Calls with Zoho CRM and click on the "Incoming Events Sync" option as indicated below

Step 2: Turn the Toggle from Red to Green as shown below

Step 3:  After switching the toggle, Click on the "Enable Voice " Option. It will be re-directed to the Twilio Console page, In there Under Configure with, select the " TwilioML app" option.

Step 4: Under "TwiML App" option, select "Ulgebra Voice Integration - Zoho CRM" option.

Step 5  : Scroll down , click on "Save Configuration" option and  save the configuration Settings as indicated below.

Step 6: The configurations will be saved and In the Twilio Callings for Zoho Settings page, Under the Incoming Events sync option, the Voice will be Enabled as shown below.

Now you can Receive the Incoming Voice calls.


Step 1: Click on the  Twilio Calls button, to open the extension of Twilio Calls with Zoho CRM.

1) Make a Quick Call:

2) Use the Dialer option:

3) View the Recent History option:

4) Incoming Voice Calls Settings:

Step  1: Click on the "Settings" option and open the Settings page as indicated in the below image.

Step 2: Click on the toggle and turn on it by changing it from red to green.

Step 3:  After turning on the toggle, click on Configure Agents as indicated below.

Step  4: Select the required agent email ID and click on the "Save Selection" option. Now the other user who you selected can also receive the incoming call.

5) Add other users of Zoho CRM

Step 1: Go to the Twilio Calls for Zoho CRM Settings page, click on the option called "Manage App Users".

Step 2: Click on the required User's Email to add them as a user of this account and click on "Add" option as indicated below.

Now the required user has been added.