API conversation pricing update

WhatsApp will be implementing a new pricing model for API conversations from April 2023 and the announcement of the same has been released.

What is Changing?

1) The API pricing differs based on the different conversation categories.

2) The four different categories are Utility conversations, Authentication conversations and Marketing conversations which are previously referred to as business-initiated conversations and the categories are based on the template message. The other category is the service conversations which are previously referred to as user-initiated conversations.

3) The charges differ based on the customer's or recipient's country code.

4) The free-tier conversations will be added only for user-initiated conversations (now service conversations) and not for business-initiated conversations (now Utility, Authentication and Marketing conversations).

5) Charges for conversations are not applicable when a customer or recipient sends a message from Ads. 

For more detailed information, kindly check the page here.