Ulgebra Cancellation 


Refund Policy

This page explains how you can cancel our product subscriptions & obtain a refund for subscription payments.

Subscription cancellation and refund 

Uninstalling the extensions from your CRM/App may not cancel your subscription automatically.

 If you want to cancel the subscription after uninstalling the extension follow below steps.

You can cancel any of your Ulgebra license at any time if you wish to discontinue the service.

How to cancel a subscription:

Step 1: Go to store.ulgebra.com and login with your subscribed or purchased mail ID.

Step 2: Click "View my subscriptions" you will be able to view all your active purchased plans.

Step 3: Click "Cancel plan" to cancel any of your active plans. Once you have cancelled your plan, you will not be charged from the next month. 

If you need help in cancellation of our service, Kindly contact Ulgebra Support Team

Refund policy for subscriptions:

Refund policy for Ulgebra credits:

Transactional charges

For subscription purchased in INR                          : 2 percentage of the total payment (%) 

For subscription purchased other than in INR : 5 percentage of the total payment (%)

Paypal transactional charge                                        : 18 percentage of the total payment(%)

*Partial refund also includes transactional charges.

Since we use payment gateways such as Stripe & Paypal, transanctional fee is charged for all payments.

Note: The refund initiated will be processed within 5 to 10 business working days.