Twilio for Bitrix24


Bitix24 is a leading CRM software which contains complete set of tools for management, collaboration and communication. It helps to connect with unlimited leads, contacts and deals. For any growing business, communication has to be faster and efficient to reach the organization goals. Twilio provides cloud - based communications via API. Twilio Messaging uses its API to allow users to send and receive SMS and MMS. Hence Twilio and Bitrix24 are integrated to make customer communication more easier and faster. Twilio for Bitrix24 has intelligent features so that the messages reach the end users and make them comfortable without losing communication.

Pre-requisites for app installation

  • Should have Bitrix24 account.

  • Should have Twilio account and Twilio approved number for sending SMS to clients.

  • WhatsApp approved Twilio number for sending messages.

  • Twilio approved templates for initiating conversations with clients.


  • Send SMS to Leads, Contacts and Deals

  • Send WhatsApp messages to Leads, Contacts and Deals

  • View Twilio History inside Leads, Contacts and Deals

  • Receive and reply to incoming Twilio messages

  • Create message templates

Communication channels

The communication channels that can be used with this Bitrix24 integration is SMS channel and WhatsApp channel.

SMS Channel

For using Twilio SMS channel, a Twilio number has to be purchased. It is a two - way communication which is used for both sending and receiving SMS from clients. The cost for the SMS would be per message cost. The process of purchasing a Twilio number for SMS channel can be found here.

WhatsApp Channel

For enabling Twilio WhatsApp Channel, there is a process of signing up a request to access the channel. Twilio approved templates are required inorder to initiate a conversation with your clients. The process of the same can be found here. The two types of messages available with this channel is template message and session message.

Application Installation

Step 1: Go to Bitrix24 marketplace and search for the application "Twilio for Bitrix24". Click Install to install the application.

Step 2: Select the check boxes by agreeing to the terms and conditions and then click "Install".

Step 3: You will be directed to the Twilio for Bitrix24 settings page. Authorize your Bitrix24 account by clicking Authorize Now. Enter your Twilio credentials and click Authorize Now to authorize your Twilio account.

Step 4: For getting your Twilio credentials click, "Get here" option. You will be directed to your Twilio site for logging into your account. Get your Twilio Account SID and Auth Token from the Twilio console.

Step 5: Enter the default country code and click "Save settings". Your Twilio approved numbers will be added. For adding your Twilio numbers, click Add number-->Add Senders in Twilio-->Add Senders-->Continue-->Select the check box and finally Add phone number. For adding approved WhatsApp number, click Add WhatsApp number and save the number. Refresh the settings page and your Twilio numbers will be added now.

Step 6: Now, the integration status will be enabled and the installation process is over.


1) Send single message to leads, contacts and deals

Step 1: Go to any of the Bitrix lead/contact/deal and click the three dashes near them. Click Twilio SMS option to send the message.

Step 2: Select the Twilio channel by click Choose so that the message will be sent via that particular channel to clients.

Step 3: Type the message you want to send to the customers. You can also choose or create templates using the available options. Click Enter so that the message will be sent.

2) Send messages to leads/contacts/deals

Step 1: Go to any of the Bitrix lead/contact/deal and choose the channel. Click Bulk SMS option.

Step 2: Select the Twilio number, Twilio channel. Add the client's number using Add Number option. You can also use Add contact option to add the Bitrix contacts. You can also add templates and insert contact fields.

Step 3: When using Add contact option select the contacts to whom you want to send messages by clicking the check box near the contacts. Click Add to add the numbers.

Step 4: Insert all the required details and messages. Click Send SMS to send the message.

Create and manage templates

Click Create template option from the Twilio SMS portal. Choose the module and name the template. Click Save to save the template.

View message history

The message history will be saved as comment inside each lead/contact/deal. You can also check the message status in the comment.

This is the installation and working of the application "Twilio for Bitrix24".

Pricing plan

Classic Plan

$5 per user per month

  • Outgoing SMS from Bitrix24 CRM

  • Pro-active messaging

  • Message history added as notes.