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Access Freshdesk clients and tickets inside WhatsApp Web


Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support software that is easy to use. With multiple support channels available, including live chat, email, phone, and social media, you can help customers through their preferred communication methods. Wondering, how to access Freshdesk clients easily through WhatsApp Web, which is an easy and faster mode of communication? Here is the extension "Freshdesk Inside WhatsApp Web".

Freshdesk Inside WhatsApp Web helps to manage Freshdesk customer details and tickets inside WhatsApp Web. Hence just stay on WhatsApp Web and access your client details and associated tickets from WhatsApp contacts/chats.

Pre-requisites for app installation

  • Should have Freshdesk account

  • Should have WhatsApp Web connected


  • View details of existing Freshdesk contacts

  • Add new notes and also view old notes

  • Create new Freshdesk contact

  • Edit or delete the ticket

  • Re-direct to Freshdesk contact or ticket from WhatsApp Web

Application Installation

Step 1: Install the Freshdesk Inside WhatsApp Web chrome extension. After adding the chrome extension, refresh your WhatsApp Web and check the interface in the tab. Enter your Freshdesk domain name and API key in the given space. You can get the domain name or URL from the Freshdesk account.

Step 2: You can get your API key by, Clicking your Profile at the top right --> Profile settings --> API key. Copy the API key.

Step 3: Copy and paste the required details in the space and click "Save". Now the integration is enabled and the chrome extension is ready to use.

Application working

1) Create a new Freshdesk contact from WhatsApp Web

Click any of the WhatsApp chats. If the contact is not there in your Freshdesk, then you will get notified as "User doesn't exists". If you want to add that client as a contact in your Freshdesk, then enter the name and click "Create Freshdesk Contact" so that a new contact will be created in your Freshdesk account.

2) Create a new ticket for a contact in Freshdesk

Step 1: Click any of the WhatsApp chats. Click the option found in the right corner for creating a new ticket.

Step 2: Enter all the required details like subject and description. Once done, click the "Create Freshdesk Ticket" option to create a new ticket for the contact.

Step 3: Once a new ticket is created, you will get notified as "New ticket created successfully".

Step 4: You can view the created ticket inside the Freshdesk contact.

3) View the older tickets from the WhatsApp Web

Click any of the WhatsApp chats and click the down arrow option available to view the existing or older tickets of the Freshdesk contact.

4) Add new notes to the ticket

Step 1: Once you click any of the tickets of a contact, click the option available at the right corner.

Step 2: Select the note type like whether it is 'public' or 'private'. Enter your notes in the space provided and click "Submit" so that the notes will be added.

Step 3: Once the note is created, a notification will be received as "Note Created Successfully".

Step 4: You can view the same notes added in your Freshdesk ticket

5) View all older notes inside WhatsApp Web

Step 1: You can view the previous notes by clicking the option in the right corner inside the ticket.

Step 2: Once you click that option, all your notes will be listed inside WhatsApp Web.

6) Re-direct to Freshdesk contacts or Freshdesk tickets

Check the option available at the right corner, next to the contact or the ticket so that you will be re-directed to the Freshdesk contact or ticket accordingly.

7) Delete a ticket from the WhatsApp Web

Click the delete option available near the ticket in order to remove/delete the ticket from the Freshdesk.

This is the setup and working of the application Freshdesk Inside WhatsApp Web. This application helps in easy access, editing, and updating the information of the Freshdesk contacts or tickets without loss of time and energy.