MessageBird SMS, WhatsApp & Viber for Freshsales Suite

Step 3:

After successful authentication as mentioned above, you can view the MessageBird icon in all the places of Freshsales.

Final Step:

Go through the documentation below for all the details and features of the extension.


  • Send MessageBird messages from any Freshsales contact

  • Send bulk MessageBird messages

  • Access MessageBird chat history

  • Access the Inbox of MessageBird conversations

  • View the history of messages within the contact.

  • Receive real-time notifications for incoming MessageBird messages

  • Send pre-defined messages using message templates

  • View the statistics of messages sent via the integration


Installation & Setup

  • Add the AppCursor Chrome extension to your browser.

  • Visit the Ulgebra Apps Marketplace.

  • Select Freshworks CRM

  • Under MessageBird, click on 'Install MessageBird for FreshWorks CRM'.

Install MessageBird for Freshsales from the Ulgebra Marketplace
  • Enter the Freshsales domain.

  • Enter the Feshsales API Key.

Copy the Freshsales API Key
  • Authorize the Freshsales account.

Authorize the Freshsales account
  • Enter the live MessageBird Access Key.

  • Authorize the MessageBird account.

Authorize the MessageBird account

MessageBird has been installed inside Freshsales CRM.


MessageBird Messages

  • Select any Freshsales contact.

  • Click on the Ulgebra icon.

  • Select the MessageBird icon.

Access MessageBird within the contact
  • Select your MessageBird channel from the Choose Sender drop-down.

Select the MessageBird channel
  • Incase you wish to include other contacts, click on 'Add Recipients'.

  • Enter the required contact number.

  • Click on 'Add'.

Add the required contact numbers
  • Select a Freshsales filter to add all the contacts within the filter.

Select a Freshsales filter to add contacts
  • Search for a particular contact to add the contact.

Search for specific contacts
  • Enter a default country code.

  • Select the settings for the default country code.

Enter and select default country code settings
  • Insert a template or enter the message.

  • Include attachments, emojis and placeholders if required.

  • Send the MessageBird message to the Freshsales contact.

Send MessageBird messages to Freshsales contacts

MessageBird Chats

  • From the drop-down adjacent to MessageBird, select Chat View.

Access MessageBird chats with Freshsales contact
  • Select the MessageBird Channel and Recipient contact number.

  • You can now view the history of conversations held.

  • Also, you can send messages from the Chat View.

View the chat history and send MessageBird messages

MessageBird Message History

  • Within any Freshsales contact, access 'Notes'.

  • Here you can view the history of MessageBird messages associated with the contact.

View the details of MessageBird messages within the Freshsales contact

Bulk Message

  • Select the required contacts from the list view of any Freshsales module.

  • Click on the Ulgebra icon and select MessageBird.

Access MessageBird for Fresgsales to send bulk message
  • Select the MessageBird channel to send bulk message from.

  • Click on 'Add Recipients' to include additional contacts.

Select the MessageBird channel and add additional recipients
  • Enter the message or insert a template.

  • Insert placeholders, emojis and attachments if required.

  • Send the MessageBird bulk message.

Enter the message and send the MessageBird bulk message from Freshsales

MessageBird Inbox

  • From the drop-down adjacent to MessageBird, select 'Conversations View'.

Access the MessageBird Inbox
  • You can now access the MessageBird Inbox containing all the conversations held via MessageBird.

  • Select any conversation to view the history of selected conversation.

  • You can also view the read receipts for the sent WhatsApp messages.

  • The incoming WhatsApp messages would be high lighted in order to reply to messages at the earliest.

  • Easily send messages to contacts from the MessageBird Inbox.

View the MessageBird chat history of a selected contact
  • Select any MessageBird sender to view all conversations held with the particular sender.

Select a MessageBird channel to view conversations from a specific sender
  • Also, search for a particular contact number to view conversations held with the contact.

Search for particular contact to view and send MessageBird conversations

Realtime Notifications

  • You can view the number of latest messages at the bell icon.

  • Click on the bell icon to view the real-time notifications.

  • View the read and unread messages.

  • Select any notification to be redirected to the message.

Click on the bell icon to view the notifications for incoming MessageBird messages
  • Access the associated contact from the notification.

  • Open the complete chat in a new tab.

Open the contact associated with the notification
  • Access the complete chat within the extension interface.

Access the chat associated with the notification

Automated Messages

  • Click on the settings icon available on the panel on the left side.

  • Select 'Manage Workflows'.

Access Freshsales workflows
  • Click on 'Create workflow'.

Create new workflow
  • Enter the name of the workflow to be created.

  • Select the Freshsales module for which the workflow is created.

  • Select the trigger for the execution of the workflow.

Select the module and trigger of the workflow
  • Setup the conditions for the workflow.

  • Select the action as 'Trigger Webhook'.

Setup the conditions and action of the workflow
  • Within any Freshsales contact, access the application.

  • Select the MessageBird channel and enter the message to be sent by the workflow.

  • Click on 'Get Workflow Code'.

Click of Get Workflow Code as per the entered details
  • This way you can obtain all the details for the workflow setup.

View the details of the workflow setup
  • Select the request method as POST.

  • Copy the Webhook URL and paste it under callback URL.

  • Select the encoding format as JSON.

  • Select 'Compose request body' as Advanced

  • Copy the workflow parameters and paste it under Content.

View the details of the workflow setup
  • Erase the value adjacent to 'To' within the double quotations.

  • Click on Insert placeholder and select the phone number field of the contact.

  • Erase the value adjacent to recordId and insert the field contact Id.

Insert Freshsales fields
  • Save the webhook.

Save the webhook
  • Enable the workflow.

Enable the workflow to send automated MessageBird messaages

Extension Settings

  • Within the MessageBird for Freshsales CRM application, click on your Ulgebra profile.

Click on the Ulgebra profile
  • You can now access the extension settings page.

View the extension settings page

Incoming MessageBird Messages

  • Select 'Incoming events sync'.

Access the incoming messages settings of MessageBird for Freshsales
  • Enable 'Capture incoming messages' to receive incoming messages from the MessageBird channels.

  • New Freshsales contacts would be created for incoming messages from non-existing contacts.

  • In case you do not wish for new contacts to be created, enable 'Ignore messages from NEW customers'.

Setup incoming messages
  • You can view the list of all the channels associated with your MessageBird account.

  • Enable the channels from which incoming messages are to be received.

  • Disable the channels from which you do now wish to receive incoming messages.

Enable the MessageBird channels to receive incoming messages from

Desktop Notifications

  • Allow multiple users to receive desktop notifications for your incoming MessageBird messages.

  • Select 'Message Notifications' on the settings page.

Access the desktop notification setup
  • Enter the email id of the user who is to receive the desktop notification.

  • Ensure that the user has an Ulgebra account in the entered email id.

  • Click on 'Add user'.

Invite the required user
  • Share the received invite link to the respective user.

Share the invite link with the user
  • The user must access the link in their browser.

  • Click on 'Start Receiving notifications on this browser'.

The user must enable desktop notifications
  • The user can now receive the desktop notifications for your incoming MessageBird message.

The user can now receive desktop notifications for incoming MessageBird messages

MessageBird for Freshsales Tab

  • Select 'Open in New Tab' to access the extension in a separate tab.

  • This was you can access the extension features as any moment.

Access the application features in a separate tab

MessageBird Analytics

  • Select 'App Usage Analytics'.

  • Here you can view the statistics of the usage of the application.

View the statistics of the integration usage

Application Reset

  • Select 'Reset App Configurations'.

Reset the integration
  • Enter 'confirm' and click on 'Reset'.

  • The complete history of the application would be deleted.

Confirm the integration reset

MessageBird Senders

Add Senders

  • Click on 'Choose Sender'.

  • Select '+Add New Sender'.

Add new MessageBird sender in the integration
  • Select the sender type as SMS, WhatsApp or Viber.

Select the type of channel to be added
  • Enter the MessageBird Sender Id.

  • Enter the display name for the sender.

Save the new MessageBird sender

Default Sender

  • In order to make the sender a default sender, click on the pin icon adjacent to the name of the sender.

Pin any MessageBird sender as default sender

Template Messages

MessageBird Approved Template

  • Access the MessageBird approved WhatsApp templates within Freshsales.

  • Click on 'Insert WhatsApp Template'.

  • Select the required template.

Access MessageBird approved WhatsApp tempplate within the extension
  • Enter the values for the variables within the MessageBird approved template.

  • Here you can select a Freshsales field or enter the custom value for the variable.

Enter the values for the placeholders within the templates

Add New Template

  • From the Insert Template drop-down, click on '+Add New Template'.

Add new message template
  • Enter the name of the template.

  • Enter the content of the message template.

  • You can insert placeholders, emojis and attachments within the template.

  • Save the message template.

Enter the message content and save the new message template

Edit Template

  • Click on the edit icon adjacent to the name of the template.

Edit message templates
  • Make the required changes.

  • Save the edited template.

Save edited message templates

Delete Template

  • Click on the delete icon adjacent to the name of the template.

  • The template has now been deleted.

Delete message templates

Simplify communication using the features above.


Classic Plan

$5 /user/month

1k Ulgebra credits per month

Automated Messages via Workflows

Bulk WhatsApp for Leads and Contacts modules

Incoming messages support

Conversations UI

Use common shared or individual numbers for messaging

+Ulgebra Credits for paid amount

Additional Credits

In case of additional credit requirements, top-up your Ulgebra Credits.