Route Mobile SMS for Freshworks


Freshworks provide cloud based software solutions to business. The software serves as a service platform and helps small to medium-sized business to support customers. The main reason for growth of any company is better communication with customers. The communication nowadays in this digital world, engages all people faster. The communication can be in any means like SMS, WhatsApp, Voice call etc., Route Mobile SMS provides a best solution for this. It is a cloud based mobile communication platform. It provides text messaging, two-way messaging, voice call and interactive voice response and many more.

Keeping all these in consideration, we at Ulgebra thought integrating these two platforms to provide additional beneficiary to freshworks users. Hence, Route Mobile SMS for Freshworks was developed to enhance quicker and easy communication with customers from within Freshworks CRM.

Route Mobile SMS for Freshworks everywhere!

Ready to connect from anywhere!

Pre - requisites for app installation

  • Should have freshworks account

  • Should have Route Mobile account


  • Send single SMS to clients using Route Mobile from Freshworks

  • Send bulk SMS to clients using Route Mobile from Freshworks

  • Sent SMS are saved as notes inside Freshworks

Application Installation

Step 1: Go to freshworks marketplace and search for the application Route Mobile SMS. Click Install to install the application.

Step 2: After clicking Install, you will be redirected to the application configuration page. Enter your Routemobile Username, Password, Source Id and your Freshworks account API key.

How to get Freshworks API key?

Click your profile at the top right corner ----> Click settings----> Click API settings ----> Select the check box for authentication ----> You will get your API key. Copy the key and paste it in the configuration page.

Step 3: After entering all the credentials, click Install to install the app.

Now, the installation process is over and now you are ready to send messages to your clients.


1) Sending single SMS

Step 1: Select any one of your contacts and click the Route Mobile SMS option at the right panel. Select the contact number to which you need to send the message. Make sure the number has a country code. Enter the message inside the text box.

Step 2: Click Send SMS to send the message to your customer.

Now, your message will be successfully received by the customer.

2) Send bulk SMS

Step 1: Select the Route Mobile SMS option in the left panel. Add the recipients number to whom you want to send bulk messages. Enter your message in the text box.

Step 2: Click Send SMS to send bulk messages to your clients.

Thus, in this way you can send bulk SMS using Route Mobile to your customers.

How to view message history?

All the sent messages are saved as notes inside each contact.

This is the installation and working of the app Route Mobile SMS for Freshworks. The messages are sent instantly and enhances the communication faster.