Twilio for Gorgias


Gorgias platform is an all in one customer support helpdesk software designed mainly for e-commerce stores. It turns a customer service into a profit center by collecting the customer conversation from different channels like email, chat etc., Twilio provides cloud - based communications via API. Twilio Messaging uses its API to allow users to send and receive SMS and MMS. Hence Twilio and Gorgias are integrated to make customer communication more easier and faster. Twilio SMS for Gorgias has intelligent features so that the messages reach the end users and make them comfortable without losing communication.

Pre-requisites for app installation

  • Should have Gorgias account

  • Should have Twilio account and buy Twilio number for sending SMS to clients

  • WhatsApp approved Twilio number for sending WhatsApp messages

  • Twilio approved templates for initiating conversations


  • Tickets for Twilio WhatsApp and SMS messages.

  • Send replies from the ticket.

  • View the conversation history as notes inside the ticket.

  • Initiate the conversation from Gorgias.

  • View all tickets of a customer in the customer timeline.

Communication channels

The communication channels that can be used with this Gorgias integration is SMS channel and WhatsApp channel.

SMS Channel

For using twilio SMS channel, a twilio number has to be purchased. It is a two - way communication which is used for both sending and receiving SMS from clients. The cost for the SMS would be per message cost. The process of purchasing a Twilio number for SMS channel can be found here.

WhatsApp Channel

For enabling Twilio WhatsApp Channel, there is a process of signing up a request to access the channel. Twilio approved templates are required inorder to initiate a conversation with your clients. The process of the same can be found here.

Application Installation

Step 1: Go to your Gorgias account and search for the application Twilio for Gorgias for installing it.

Step 2: You will be directed to the Twilio for Gorgias settings page. Enter your Gorgias domain in Step 1 and click Authorize Now. In Step 2, enter your Twilio credentials and click Authorize Now. For getting your Twilio credentials, click "Get here" so that you will be directed login to your Twilio account.

Step 3: Enter the default Twilio number and country code. Also select the Twilio channel for sending messages from that default channel. If you are going to use Sandbox for testing purposes, then copy the Inbound and Status URL in the settings page. Click "here" to paste the URL in the specified space in your Twilio account.

Step 4: Paste the URL at both the spaces as shown in the screenshot and click Save. Thus, the incoming messages will be configured and received inside Gorgias account as tickets.

Step 5: Now, link your Twilio numbers by clicking either Add number option or Add WhatsApp number option. For adding the number, follow as, Click Add number-->Add Senders in Twilio-->Add Senders-->Continue-->Select the check box and finally Add phone number.

Step 6: Refresh the settings page and your Twilio number will be added now. For adding the approved WhatsApp number, click Add WhatsApp number option and enter the number.

Step 7: The integration status will be enabled now and you will be able to view the authorized Twilio account and Gorgias account.

This is the installation and setup of the application, Twilio for Gorgias.

Application Working

1) Initiate conversation with client

For initiating the conversation with the customer, create a new ticket, and use the comment as @twilio/Twilio number/Twilio channel Twilio message. Click Send so that the message will be sent via the particular Twilio channel to the client.

2) View one-to-one conversation with the client

Step 1: For viewing the one-to-one conversation view or chat view with the customer, then click Chat option below the message history.

Step 2: Select the Twilio channel by clicking Choose button.

Step 3: You can view the one-to-one conversations made with the particular client. You can also reply from the chat view itself.

3) View the message history as notes

You can view both the incoming and outgoing messages from all Twilio channels and the status of it inside the ticket.

4) View all tickets of a customer in Customer timeline.

Step 1: Whenever a ticket is open, all the messages from that particular clients number, will be added and synced with the open ticket. If the ticket is closed, a new ticket will be created for the client's new incoming message. For viewing other tickets of the customer, click the clock symbol at the top left of the new incoming ticket.

Step 2: Under Customer Timeline, you will be able to view all the tickets which are both open and closed. You can also view the chat thread linked along with the tickets.

This is the installation and working of the app, Twilio for Gorgias. Thus, in this way you can receive and send Twilio messages inside Gorgias and connect with your customers easily.

Pricing Plans

Classic Plan

$2 per user/month

  • Tickets for your WhatsApp and SMS messages

  • Reply from Gorgias

  • Initiate Conversation from Gorgias