Grapevine SMS for Hubspot


Hubspot acts as an efficient Customer Relationship Management software for managing marketing, sales and service. It helps to track and manage the interaction between the customers and the company. In the modern digital world, communication is the major thing that can connect people irrespective of the distance. Among various modes of communication, SMS is an efficient and easier platform to communicate. Hence, Grapevine provide communication channel to connect people.

The application Grapevine SMS for Hubspot helps in un-interrupted communication with customers leading to growth in business.

Pre-requisites for app installation

  • Should have Grapevine account and approved templates

  • Should have Hubspot account


  • Send single SMS to Hubspot contacts

  • Send Bulk SMS

  • Send automated SMS response to customers and schedule SMS from Hubspot CRM

  • History of messages saved in timeline events

Application Installation

Step 1: Go to Hubspot marketplace and search for the application "Grapevine SMS for Hubspot".

Step 2: Click "Install app" to install the application in Hubspot.

Step 3: You will be re-directed to the Grapevine - Hubspot settings page. Authorize your Hubspot account and Grapevine account by entering the required credentials and click "Authorize Now".

Authorizing Grapevine Integration

Step 4: Once the authorization is successful, the integration status will be enabled.

Checking Integration Status

This is the installation of the application "Grapevine SMS for Hubspot" and you will be able to send SMS using the application now.

Working of the application

1) Send Single SMS

Step 1: Go to any of your Hubspot contacts and scroll down at the right panel. At the bottom, you will be able to use Send Grapevine Message to send the message to that contact.

Sending Grapevine Message to Hubspot contact.

Step 2: Select the template or type the text message you want to send and click Send to send the SMS. You can also use Insert Contact fields option to insert any of the fields in the message.

Creating and Editing SMS Templates

Create or manage templates

  • Click manage templates from the Grapevine message sending portal.

  • Name the template and enter the template message.

  • Select any of the existing template to edit the template.

  • Insert Contact fields if needed.

  • Click Save to save the template and access it inside Hubspot when needed.

Naming and Selecting Custom SMS Templates

Set up Hubspot workflows

To create a workflow, click Automation-->Workflows-->Start from Scratch-->Name the workflow-->Next. Set up trigger as per your requirement and click the action as Send Grapevine SMS.

Send Automated Grapevine SMS using HubSpot Workflow

Enter the template message you want to send. Insert the phone number field of the Hubspot contact and the country code.

Entering SMS Details inside Hubspot Workflow

Click "Save" to save the workflow. Hence, whenever the condition is met the automated Grapevine SMS will be sent to the customer.

Send Bulk Messages through Workflows

Step 1: Create a workflow and set the action to be as Grapevine SMS. Type your message to be sent and insert the contact phone number field and country code.

Entering SMS Details for Sending Bulk Messages inside Hubspot Workflow

Step 2: Save the workflow and click "Review and publish" so that your workflow will be on.

Step 3: Whenever you want to send bulk messages, go to the workflow created and click "Enroll" option at top right corner. Click either Enroll as list or Choose contacts to manually add the Hubspot contacts to whom you want to send bulk messages.

Manually Enrollment for Selecting the Contacts for Sending Bulk Messaging

Step 4: If you click choose contacts, you will get the list of all Hubspot contacts. Select the contacts by clicking the check box near the contacts. Click Enroll contacts to trigger the workflow and the messages will be sent to the Hubspot contacts.

Enrolling Bulk Contacts for Sending SMS

Thus, in this way you can send bulk messages to your Hubspot clients.

Message history inside Hubspot

To view all the messages inside Hubspot, click the filter activity, under integrations you will be able to view the Grapevine SMS for Hubspot application. Select the check box to view the message history.

Enabling Grapevine Integration under Activity Section

The incoming and outgoing Grapevine SMS can be viewed inside Hubspot Activity Timeline.

Viewing SMS History under Activity Section

Thus, in this way you can send and receive Grapevine messages and connect with your customers easily. This is the installation and working of the application Grapevine SMS for Hubspot.