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In this time and age where most of our conversations take place through WhatsApp, enhance your interaction with the implementation of your CRM into WhatsApp Web as well. Insert HubSpot into WhatsApp Web with the help of the extension through which you can view and associate HubSpot Contacts & Companies with your WhatsApp contacts. Visit any WhatsApp contact in HubSpot to perform any action in the HubSpot Contact/Company.

Pre-requisites for Application Usage

  • Must have a HubSpot account

  • WhatsApp Web must be open on the browser

  • Install the Ulgebra LookUp Apps Chrome extension.


  • Create HubSpot Contacts/Companies corresponding to your WhatsApp contacts

  • View the HubSpot contacts associated with any WhatsApp number

  • Access all the contact fields available in HubSpot inside WhatsApp Web

  • Customize the visible fields inside WhatsApp Web

  • Edit & update HubSpot contacts from WhatsApp Web

  • Search for any HubSpot field to view the details and update the field

  • Add notes for the HubSpot contacts

  • View the list of notes under the HubSpot contact

Installation Process

Add the Ulgebra Lookup App for CRM/Desk Chrome extension
  • Click on 'Add Extension' on the pop-up that appears.

Click on 'Add Extension'
  • Open WhatsApp Web and scan the QR code to login to the required WhatsApp Account.

  • You can now view the panel LookUp HubSpot CRM .

  • Select Extensions from the top right corner of your browser.

  • Select 'Ulgebra Lookup Apps for CRM/Desk'.

Select Ulgebra Lookup Apps from Extensions
  • Enable HubSpot CRM from the list of platforms.

Enable HubSpot CRM
  • Sign in to Ulgebra using your HubSpot email id.

Sign in with HubSpot email id
  • Click on 'Authorize Now' to proceed with the authorization of the HubSpot account.

Proceed to HubSpot authorization
  • Select the HubSpot account and click on 'Choose Account'.

Select HubSpot account
  • Click on 'Connect app' to complete installation.

Authorize HubSpot account

The setup of the extension is complete. Go ahead and explore the features available!


Create Contacts

  • Select any contact on WhatsApp Web.

  • From the dropdown on top select Contacts or Companies to choose the HubSpot module to which the contact is to be created.

  • Enter the required details of the contact to be created.

  • Click on Create New Contact/Company in HubSpot CRM.

  • The contact has been added to your HubSpot CRM.

Contact inside HubSpot CRM

  • Select any WhatsApp contact that has been added into HubSpot.

  • Click on the HubSpot CRM button to view the contact inside your CRM.

  • You would now be redirected to the respective contact inside HubSpot.

Edit HubSpot Fields

  • Within any WhatsApp contact, edit the required field.

  • Click on the tick icon adjacent to the edited field to implement the changes inside the HubSpot contact.

Contact Search

  • Enter the contact number within the search option at the top of the panel to view the HubSpot contacts associated with the particular number.

Field Search

  • Within any contacts, enter the name of the HubSpot field at 'Search fields..'

  • You can view the required field and also update it if necessary.

Hidden Fields

  • Click on Show hidden fields to view all the Contact/Company fields available inside HubSpot.

  • You can edit the values of any of these fields.

Configure visible fields

  • Click on 'Configure display fields'.

  • Using the option you can determine the fields of the contact that are to be displayed upon selection of the contact on WhatsApp Web.

  • You can view the list of 'Show Fields' which are the displayed fields and 'Hidden Fields'.

Template Messages

Access Templates

  • Click on 'Template Messages'.

  • You can now view the list of message templates available.

Create Templates

  • Click on '+Add New Template'.

  • Enter the name of the template.

  • Enter the message within the template.

  • You can also include contact fields and emojis if required.

  • Click on 'Save Template'.

Send Pre-defined Messages

  • Select any template from the dropdown.

  • Copy the message.

  • Paste the message to be sent through WhatsApp.

Edit Templates

  • Click on the edit icon adjacent to the name of the template.

  • Make the required changes.

  • Click on 'Save Template'.

Delete Template

  • Click on the delete icon adjacent to the name of the template.

  • The required template has now been deleted.

Export Chat

  • Click on 'Export Chat' in order to export and add WhatsApp chats as notes in HubSpot CRM.

  • You can now view the list of messages within the conversation.

  • Select the messages you wish to export.

  • Click on 'Add Note'.


  • Click on 'Notes' to view the list of HubSpot notes associated with the contact.

  • Click on 'Add Note' to add a new note for the contact inside HubSpot.

  • Enter the content of the note and click on 'Save Note'.

Enhance your HubSpot management using the various features.


Classic Plan $10/user per month

See details of the customer from the conversations view

Access for editing all fields of Contacts

Add notes.