HubSpot CRM

Send SMS to your Hubspot contacts using MSG91

Steps :

  1. Go to your MSG91 account and copy the credentials

Viewing and Copying MSG91 Credentials

2. To enable the integration go to Configuration page

3. Authorize your Hubspot CRM.

4. Enter your credentials copied from MSG91 account and authorize it.

Entering MSG91 Credentials and Authorizing Integration

5. Once your integration is enabled, you can initiate a SMS conversation to your Hubspot contact.

Selecting Send Message inside Contacts

6. And the messages will be saved in your timeline as history.

SMS History under Activity section for Contacts

7. You can send automated & Bulk SMS via workflow from Hubspot.

Sending Automated MSG91 SMS Using Hubspot Workflow


Classic Plan

  • Incoming & Outgoing MSG91 SMS inside HubSpot

  • Proactive Messaging

  • Trigger automated & bulk messages via Workflows

  • Messages History in contact timeline

  • 10000 messages per month