Stripe for HubSpot CRM


Tackle the complexities of online commerce from within HubSpot CRM using Stripe through the extension Stripe for HubSpot CRM.

Key Features

  • Sync your Stripe contacts with HubSpot CRM

  • Create Stripe invoices from HubSpot

  • View details of invoice within HubSpot contacts

  • Download and access Stripe invoices


  • Must be a HubSpot user

  • Must have a Stripe account


  • Go to HubSpot Marketplace where you can find the integration Stripe for HubSpot CRM.

  • Click on 'Install app'.

  • Select the HubSpot account in which you wish to install the integration.

  • Click on 'Choose Account'.

Select the HubSpot account to install Stripe in
  • Click on 'Connect app' to install the extension.

Authorize HubSpot CRM
  • Go to any HubSpot Contact, Company, Ticket or Deal.

  • You can view the Stripe Extension section within the panel on the right.

  • Click on 'Stripe Invoices'.

Access Stripe for HubSpot within contact
  • Copy the Stripe Secret Key from the API Keys section of the Stripe Developers page.

Obtain the Stripe credentials
  • Enter the Secret Key.

  • Authorize Stripe account.

Authorize Stripe account


Create Stripe Invoice

  • Go to the HubSpot Contact, Deal, Ticket, or Company to create an Invoice.

  • At the panel on the right side, view the Stripe Extension.

  • Click on 'Stripe Invoices'.

Access Stripe for HubSpot within HubSpot contact
  • In case the contact does not have existing Stripe invoices, click on '+Invoice'.

Create a new Stripe invoice with the HubSpot contact
  • You would be redirected to the invoice to be created on Stripe.

  • Create the Stripe invoice.

Enter the details to create the Stripe invoice
  • Send the created invoice.

Send the new Stripe invoice
  • In case the contact does not have existing Stripe invoices, click on '+Invoice'.

Create multiple Stripe invoices with the HubSpot contact

Invoice History

  • View the history of Stripe Invoices with the particular Stripe Customer within the application.

View the history of Stripe invoices with HubSpot contact

Invoice Details

  • Select any invoice to view the invoice details.

  • Download the invoice pdf or view the particular invoice on Stripe.

  • You can also change the status of the invoice to Void or Uncollectable.

View the details of each Stripe invoice within HubSpot
  • View drafted Stripe invoices within the history as well.

  • Send the draft at any time.

Send drafted Stripe invoices from HubSpot
  • View the details of the drafted invoice.

  • You can also send or delete the invoice draft from HubSpot.

Send or delete drafted Stripe invoices from HubSpot

Stripe Subscriptions

  • Click on the 'All Invoices' drop-down.

  • Select 'Subscription Only' to view the Stripe subscriptions of the contact.

Access Stripe subscriptions inside HubSpot
  • You can now view all the Stripe subscriptions.

View the list of Stripe subscriptions
  • Select any subscription to view the details of the subscription.

View the details of each Stripe subscription

Stripe Activity

  • Within the HubSpot contact, access the Activity section.

  • Click on Filter activity.

  • Under Integrations, enable Stripe.

  • You can now view the details of the invoice updates under HubSpot Activity.

Enable the Stripe integration under HubSpot Activity
  • Click on the particular Activity to view the details of the update.

View the details of Stripe invoices under HubSpot Activity
  • Access the pdf and view the invoice on Stripe from the Activity.

Access Stripe invoices from HubSpot Activity

Extension Settings

  • Click on your Ulgebra profile within the application to access the extension settings.

Access the integration settings page
  • Here you can view the general features, admin settings and advanced settings of the integration.

Integration Tab

  • Select 'Open in New Tab'.

  • Access the extension at all times in a separate tab.

Access the application in a separate tab at all times

Stripe User Management

  • The HubSpot CRM admin can allow users to use a shared Stripe account.

  • Select 'Manage App Users'.

Manage the Stripe users as the Pipedrive admin
  • Here you can view the list of HubSpot users.

  • Add the required users to enable them to use your Stripe account.

  • Remove users to disable them from this feature.

  • Also, Add all or Remove all users if required.

Add and remove required HubSpot users
  • The added HubSpot can view the invitation from the admin of the application settings page.

  • Accept the invite from the admin.

User account - Accept the invite from the admin
  • Select the admin account to authorize Stripe.

User account - Authorize Stripe using admin account

Incoming Setup

  • Select 'Incoming events sync'.

Access incoming settings
  • Enable 'Capture incoming events.

  • New HubSpot contacts for Stripe Customers are added.

  • In case you do not wish for new HubSpot Contacts to be created, enable 'Ignore events from NEW customers.

Application Analytics

  • Select 'App Usage Analytics'.

  • View the statistics of the usage of the application.

View the analytics of the usage of Stripe for HubSpot

Reset Application

  • Select 'Reset App Configurations'.

Reset Stripe integration for HubSpot
  • Enter 'confirm' within the space provided.

  • Click on 'Reset'.

Complete application reset

You can now manage your finances efficiently through Stripe!


Classic Plan

$5 /user/month

  • View the details of Stripe invoices in your HubSpot.

  • Download the invoices from HubSpot.