for HubSpot


Vonage is a cloud communications provider for business purposes. This platform enables API for communication using messaging, voice and video through various channels such as SMS, MMS and social media applications including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber.

Key Features

  • Send messages from within HubSpot Contact

  • Send messages through the different Vonage channels

  • View the history of Vonage messages within HubSpot Contacts

  • Send automated messages through workflows using Vonage channels

  • Send Messages to one or more contacts


  • Authorize HubSpot CRM.

  • Authorize Vonage account by entering the requested details.

  • Configure Vonage Sandbox for testing purposes.



  • Send messages to any HubSpot Contact and view the conversations held with the Contact.


  • Within the Vonage account select 'Buy Numbers' under the Numbers section to purchase a number with SMS capabilities.

  • You can also add Social Channels such as WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook Messenger within the 'External Accounts' section by applying for a Business Account.

  • Enable different messaging channels on Vonage and choose the required channel to send messages.


  • Click on 'Manage Templates' within 'Send Vonage Message' in order to create or edit a template.

  • Enter the name of a template to be created or select a created template to be edited.

  • Enter the content of the template under Message.

  • Insert Contact fields if required.

  • Click on 'Save' to save the template.

  • Use the created templates to send Vonage messages.


  • Select Vonage WhatsApp/SMS within workflows.

  • Enter the required details such as Vonage approved message template and Vonage number.

  • Select the message platform and country code.

  • Enter the Vonage credentials.

  • Click on 'Save'.

Send Messages using workflows

  • Select any workflow.

  • Click on Enroll.

  • Choose the method in order to select the contacts manually for enrollment.

  • Select the Contacts to send Bulk Messages to.

  • Enroll the Contacts in order to send the Message.