Calendly Events for Pipedrive


Pipedrive is a Customer Relationship Management software that acts as an account - management tool and assists in marketing and sales growth. It helps to automatically trace calls, emails and synchronize them with tasks.

In the digital world, an online appointment has made everything easier. Calendly is a cloud-based appointment scheduling software that enables owners to manage their online appointments. The application Calendly Events for Pipedrive helps manage appointments with clients online and provides a real-time update regarding the appointments inside the CRM itself.

Pre - requisites for application installation


Application Installation

Step 1: Go to the Pipedrive marketplace and search for the application "Calendly Events for Pipedrive". Click the Install now option to install the app in the Pipedrive account.

Step 2: By agreeing to the terms and conditions, click Allow and install. 

Step 3: Now, you will get notified that the extension is installed successfully and the modules in which you can access the application.

This is the installation of the application "Calendly Events for Pipedrive".

Application Configuration

Step 1: Go to any of the Pipedrive contacts and view the "Calendly events" interface on the left panel. Enter the Calendly access token in the space provided and click "Authorize" to authorize your Calendly account.

Step 2: Log in to your Calendly account and under integrations, click the "API and Webhooks" option to create a new access token.

Step 3: Enter the token name and create a new token.

Step 4: Once a token is created, copy the new token. Paste the same in the space provided and authorize the account.

Step 5: Now, you have to configure the incoming events inside Pipedrive. Enable "capture incoming events" option and select the module in which you have to get a record for new events booked by new customers.

If you don't want to create records for new events and wanted to sync events for only existing contacts, then enable the last option provided.

Step 6: Options available to create new records in Pipedrive are,

Sync events to person - If an existing contact is there, then the events will be synced with the contact, or else a new contact/Person will be created in Pipedrive.

Sync events to latest lead or create a new lead - If an existing lead is there, then the events will be synced with the lead, or else a new lead will be created in Pipedrive.

Sync events to latest deal or create a new deal - If an existing deal is there, then the events will be synced with the deal, or else a new dealwill be created in Pipedrive.

Only activity - New events will be synced only to Pipedrive Activities and no new records will be created.

Step 7: You can view the Calendly events available under the Calendly account authorized which you can enable or disable to sync incoming meetings only for required events.

This is the configuration of the application "Calendly Events for Pipedrive".

Application Working

1) Book new appointment from Pipedrive

Once the configuration is done, you can view the Calendly events panel at the left with easily accessible options. They are:

New Appointment - Book a new Calendly appointment with the person

Events History         - View the Upcoming and Past events of the person

Event links                  - Get the Calendly event booking link 

too in the panel.

Step 1: For booking a new appointment with the person, click the "New Calendly Appointment" option.

[Note: This feature is available with Organization and Deals module also.]

Step 2: You can also click the three dots at the top right of the person and use the "New Calendly Appointment" option to book a new meeting.

Step 3: Select the event owner/host and click the type of appointment you wish to book.

Step 4: Select the convenient date and time and "Confirm" the same.

Step 5: Enter the required details of the event and click the "Schedule Event" option.

Step 6: Once done, you will get notified about the booked meeting confirmation.

Step 7: Once the meeting is booked, the same will be recorded under the "Notes" section, "Activities" section, and also under the "Upcoming meetings" which is in the "Events History" section.

2) Get the Calendly events booking link inside Pipedrive

Step 1: Go to the Calendly Events panel at the left and click the "Event links" option at the top. 

Click the "Open" option to open the event booking link in a new tab. 

Click the "Get single-Use link" option to get the event booking link.

Step 2: Click the "Copy single-use link" to copy the event booking page and share it with anyone to book an appointment with you.

3) View the event details inside Pipedrive

4) Reschedule or Cancel the event from Pipedrive

Step 1: Click any of the events you want to re-schedule or cancel from the left panel and use the "Reschedule Event" or "Cancel Event" option to do the same.

Once you click any one of the options, provide the reason for either rescheduling or canceling the event and proceed accordingly.

Step 2: Once you have done, you can view the status of the event as "Canceled" for the event in the left panel and the status as "Inactive" added as a comment below the meeting in the Notes section.

Once an event is canceled, the same will be removed from the "Activities" section in Pipedrive.

Step 3: Once an event is rescheduled or canceled, the reason for the same can be viewed by clicking the event at the left panel.

5) View all Calendly events inside Pipedrive

Once an event is booked, you can view all the events inside the "Calendly events" interface inside each contact in Pipedrive and a note will be added to that contact.

In addition to that, you can have a record of events in the "Activities" section in Pipedrive. You can view the associated deal and contact of the client who booked the meeting in the same section. 

The notifications of the newly scheduled events can be found in the "Calendly Events" interface inside any Pipedrive contact indicating the number of events scheduled.

Mapping Calendly users with Pipedrive CRM Users

In this feature, you can map the Calendly users with Pipedrive users so that the Calendly events will be assigned to that particular Pipedrive user.

Step 1: Go to any of the Pipedrive contacts and click the profile picture in the Calendly events interface. Click the "Incoming events sync" option.

Step 2: On the left side, you can view the list of Calendly users. On the right side, you can view the Pipedrive users and can select the required user from the drop-down. Once done, whenever an event is booked in the Calendly user's link, the same will be assigned to the mapped user.

Mapping Calendly Event fields with Pipedrive CRM fields

Step 1: Go to any of the Pipedrive contacts and click the profile picture in the Calendly events interface. Click the "Incoming events sync" option.

Scroll down and check for the option "Go to Field mapping" under the field mapping section.

Step 2: Now, create a new mapping, by clicking the "Create New Field Mapping" option.

Step 3: Give a name to the mapping and select the event type from the drop-down for which the field mapping needs to happen.

Step 4: Select any one of the Pipedrive module from the drop-down to sync the values.

Step 5: Now, trigger or book any event of the selected event type and select it from the drop-down to map the values.

Step 6: Place the cursor in the text box against the Pipedrive field values on your left and select the Calendly field values to be mapped to those Pipedrive CRM fields. Click the "Close" option to close the Calendly field values displayed.

Step 7: Once you have mapped all the required values, click the "Save Field Mapping" option to save the configured mapping. Once saved, the values will be added to the Pipedrive fields as per the configuration for all the upcoming events of the selected event type.

[Note: Make sure the Calendly field type matches with the respective Pipedrive field type in order to avoid field mapping failure.]

Step 8: Now you can view the saved field mapping and the number of fields mapped. You also have additional options like "Edit", "Duplicate" and "Delete" the created mapping.

Now, based on the field mapping, the Calendly field values will be added in Pipedrive whenever an event is booked.

Additional features

1) View the authorized Pipedrive account and Calendly account

2) Configure the incoming events syncing inside Pipedrive

3) Manage the app usage by the users

How to share account credentials with other users?

Step 1: Go to the "Calendly Events" section. Click the profile and check for the option "Manage App Users" to grant permission to users to access the extension and book appointments.

Step 2: In the admin system, view the list of users and add the users who want to use your credentials to book appointments by using either the "Add" or "Add all" option.

Step 3: Once added, now in the user system, you can view the account shared by the admin or you can also use the "Use another account" option to configure a new Calendly account to book events from Pipedrive.

Hence, this is the overview and working of the extension "Calendly events for Pipedrive".