Ultra RingCentral SMS

for Pipedrive


The RingCentral platform helps to send text messages to co-workers or any numbers outside the company if a direct RingCentral number is assigned to the extension. Hence the extension Ultra RingCentral SMS for Pipedrive offers faster and efficient communication with customers at any time by keeping them connected.

Pre -requisites for app installation

  • Should have Pipedrive account

  • Should have RingCentral account

  • Should have RingCentral number and approved templates


- Visit the Pipedrive Marketplace and find the extension Ultra RingCentral SMS for Pipedrive

- Click on "Install now"

- Authorize your Pipedrive account

- Select any Pipedrive contact

- Click on 'Send RingCentral Message' from the dropdown

- Enter the RingCentral credentials and authorize the RingCentral account.

Application Features

-Send Messages

Send RingCentral messages to People, Deals & Organizations. Select any contact and click on 'Send RingCentral Message' from the dropdown on the right. Select your RingCentral sender. Enter the message and click on 'Send SMS'. Insert User Fields, Person/Organization/Deal Fields, templates and emojis if required.

-Send Bulk Messages

Select the required contacts from the People, Organizations or Deals page. From the dropdown on the right side, select 'Send RingCentral Message'. Select the RingCentral sender. You can also add the required contacts to the bulk message. Click on 'Add Recipients' to add multiple contacts by entering the contact number or selecting a Pipedrive filter. Enter and send your message.

-Message History

View the details of the message sent under the Notes section within Person, Deal or Organization.

- Incoming Messages

Click on your profile where you can enable or disable incoming messages. Click on 'Incoming Messages' where you can select the module to add the messages to.

- Manage App Users

The Pipedrive admin can enable multiple users to use their RingCentral credentials. Click on your profile within the extension interface and select 'Manage App Users'. Under this section, the admin can view the list of Pipedrive users and add or remove the users for using the RingCentral account.

- Message History

View the history of messages sent via RingCentral within the Person, Organization & Deal along with all the details and status of the messages.