Vonage - Nexmo SMS for Pipedrive


Pipedrive is a Customer Relationship Management software which acts as a account - management tool and assists in marketing and sales growth. It helps to automatically trace calls, emails and synchronize them with tasks. Vonage helps grow business by enhancing the customer experience. It is possible through different communication channels like Voice , SMS etc., Hence Vonage and Pipedrive are integrated to make customer communication more easier and faster. Vonage SMS for Pipedrive has intelligent features so that the messages reach the end users and make them comfortable without losing communication.

Pre - requisites for app installation

  • Should have Pipedrive account

  • Should have Vonage account.


  • Send SMS to one or more Pipedrive contacts

  • Link with Social media channels like Messenger and communicate to clients

  • Send Vonage messages to Pipedrive organizations and deals

  • Receive incoming messages inside Pipedrive

  • View history of messages saved as notes inside Pipedrive

Application Installation

Step 1: Go to Pipedrive marketplace and search for the application Vonage - Nexmo SMS for Pipedrive. Click Install Now to install the application in Pipedrive.

Step 2: By agreeing to the terms and conditions, click Allow and install.

Step 3: You will be re-directed to the Vonage for Pipedrive settings page. Enter your Vonage account credentials and also link your Vonage number and Social media channels.

Step 4: Click "Get here" option to login to your Vonage account and copy your credentials from the dashboard. Paste the credentials in the settings page and click "Authorize Now".

Step 5: Click Link numbers option to link Vonage number to Pipedrive.

Step 6: Click Link Social Media Channels option to link Vonage channels to Pipedrive.

Step 7: Once you have linked your Vonage number and channels, they will be added to the settings page and the integration status will be enabled.

Application Working

1) Send SMS to clients

Step 1: Go to any of the Pipedrive contacts or deals and click the three dots at the top right corner. Search for the option Send Vonage Message.

Step 2: Select the required Vonage channel/number from the dropdown. Select the To number, Message type and click Send Message option to send the message to client.

2) Send SMS to clients from List view

Step 1: Select the number of contacts to whom you want to send messages. Click the Send Vonage Message option to send messages to clients.

Step 2: Select the Vonage channel/number as From number. Select the Phone field of the Pipedrive clients and enter your message. Click Send Message option to send messages to clients.

View message history as notes

You can view all the messages sent and received using Vonage number as notes inside each Pipedrive contact. This can be used for your future reference.

Thus, in this way you can receive and send Vonage messages inside Pipedrive CRM and connect with your customers easily. This is the installation and working of the app Vonage - Nexmo SMS for Pipedrive CRM.

Pricing plans

Classic Plan

$5 per user/month

  • Incoming & Outgoing Vonage SMS messages inside Pipedrive

  • Proactive Messaging

  • Send messages via Workflows

  • Messages History added as notes

  • 10000 messages per month