WABA Integration for Pipedrive

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Connect and converse using your WhatsApp Business API within Pipedrive CRM with the WABA Integration for Pipedrive.




Install WABA Integration for Pipedrive
Authorize Pipedrive account
Access WABA Settings page


WhatsApp Messages to Contacts

Send WhatsApp message from Pipedrive contact
Select WABA sender to send the WhatsApp message from
Select and add contacts from Pipedrive filters
Search for and add any existing Pipedrive contact
Add the required contact numbers
Enter a default country code and select the settings for the same
Send WhatsApp message to Pipedrive contacts

Contact Chats

View the WhatsApp chat history within each Pipedrive contact
Add notes within the chat
Reply to WhatsApp messages and star important messages
Pin any WhatsApp message within the chat

Message Details

View the history of WhatsApp messages as Notes within the Pipedrive contacts

Realtime Notifications

WABA Inbox

Access WABA Inbox

WhatsApp Conversations

View WhatsApp conversations and send messages
Instantly reply to messages and download attachments
Pin an important WhatsApp message within the conversation
Initiate WhatsApp conversations with new customers

Assign Chats

Assign the conversations to Pipedrive agents
Assign the chat to yourself

Label Chats

Select the colour for the new label
Edit the labels as per your requirements

Set Reminders

Set reminders for an hour, day or week ahead.
Select date and time to set a custom reminder
Set the reminder for the contact
Track and view the reminder within the WABA Inbox

Filter WhatsApp Conversations

Access the unassigned WhatsApp conversations
Access the conversations assigned to yourself alone
Access all the reminders set by you
Filter WhatsApp conversations
Access the conversations of a particular Pipedrive agent
Filter conversations based on the label

Application Settings

Manage WABA Users

Manage the users of the WhatsApp API numbers within Pipedrive
The admin can add the required Pipedrive users to share the WhatsApp Business API
User account - Accept the invitation from the Pipedrive admin
User account - Select Pipedrive admin account to authorize WABA

Application Analytics

View the analytics of the usage of WABA Integration for Pipedrive

Reset Application

Reset WABA for Pipedrive
Complete application reset

WABA Senders

Select a default WhatsApp API sender or hide any sender
Access the hidden WhatsApp senders
View and retrieve hidden senders

Message Templates

WhatsApp Approved Templates

Insert approved WhatsApp templates
Enter the values for the placeholders and upload media within the template
Send the template WhatsApp message

Local Templates

Create local template
Enter the content and save the message template


Classic Plan

$5 /user/month

250 Ulgebra credits per month

Outgoing messages

Messages History

Automate outgoing messages

Business Plan

$10 /user/month

500 Ulgebra credits per month

Two Way messaging facility (Incoming and Outgoing)

Messages History

Automate outgoing message.

Conversations view

Field mapping

Classic Plan - Yearly

$55 /user/year

3000 Ulgebra credits per year

Outgoing messages

Messages History

Automate outgoing messages

Business Plan - Yearly


6000 Ulgebra credits per year

Two Way messaging facility (Incoming and Outgoing)

Messages History

Automate outgoing messages

Conversations view

Field mapping

Additional credits -  Renewed every three months