MessageBird for Salesforce 

Step 3:

View the MessageBird icon in all the places within Salesforce CRM after Salesforce and MessageBird authorization.

Final Step:

View the documentation below for the complete details of the extension.



Installation & Setup

Sign in to Ulgebra using the Salesforce email id
Authorize your Salesforce account
Enter the MessageBird Live Access Key and authorize the MessageBird account

MessageBird for SalesForce is now ready to explore!


MessageBird Conversations 

Select the MessageBird sender to send the message from
Add the desired contacts from Salesforce lists
Search for existing Salesforce contacts
Add additional contact numbers

The default country code can be ignored using this option and can be used if all the contacts in your CRM contain a country code.

In case the contact numbers in your CRM do not contain a country code, you can use this option to add the country code to all the phone numbers.

In case some of saved contact numbers begin with 0, you can use this option to add the default country code to such numbers alone

Using the option the default country code would be added to contact numbers that do not contain a country code alone. In case the number contains a country code, the default country code will be ignored.

Enter and select the settings for default country code
Enter and send the MessageBird message

Send Messages from list view

Select the MessageBird channel and add required contacts to send bulk message
 Send the MessageBird bulk message from Salesforce CRM

MessageBird Chat

Incoming Notifications

MessageBird User Management

MessageBird History


Approved WhatsApp Templates

Select a MessageBird approved WhatsApp template from the drop-down
Enter the value for the placeholders within the MessageBird WhatsApp template

Create Templates

Create a new template
Enter the name and message within the template, and save the message template

Edit Templates

Edit any existing template
Save the edited template

Delete Template

Delete any template when required

MessageBird Sender

Add Sender

Add new MessageBird sender
Select the the type of MessageBird channel as WhatsApp or SMS
Enter the MessageBird Sender Id and display name, and save sender

Default Sender

Select a default MessageBird sender

Access the abundant features to enhance communications.


Classic Plan

$5 /user/month

Business Plan

$10 /user/month

Additional Credits

In case of additional credit requirements, top-up your Ulgebra Credits.