MessageBird for Salesforce

Step 3:

View the MessageBird icon in all the places within Salesforce CRM after Salesforce and MessageBird authorization.

Final Step:

View the documentation below for the complete details of the extension.



  • Connect with desired contacts using MessageBird

  • Send messages via MessageBird channels

  • Send proactive messages using different channels

  • Send pre-defined messages

  • Access MessageBird approved templates within SalesForce

  • Receive real-time notifications for incoming messages

  • Manage CRM users who can connect to MessageBird account

  • View the MessageBird chats

  • Maintain the history of MessageBird messages within the contact

Installation & Setup

  • Visit the Ulgebra Apps Marketplace.

  • Click on Salesforce Integrations.

  • Here you can view the MessageBird extension for Salesforce CRM.

  • Click on 'Install MessageBird for Salesforce'.

  • Sign in to Ulgebra using your SalesForce email id.

Sign in to Ulgebra using the Salesforce email id
  • Authorize your SalesForce CRM

Authorize your Salesforce account
Enter the MessageBird Live Access Key and authorize the MessageBird account

MessageBird for SalesForce is now ready to explore!


MessageBird Conversations

  • Go to any SalesForce contact.

  • Click on the MessageBird icon from the contact panel on top.

  • Click on Choose Sender.

  • Select the MessageBird channel.

  • Conversations can be initiated using differnt channels.

Select the MessageBird channel
  • Use the 'Add Recipients' option to include multiple contacts.

  • Select a SalesForce list to add the contact within the list.

Select any Salesforce filter to add contacts within the filter
  • Search for a particular Salesforce contact to be added.

Search for and add Salesforce contact
  • Enter and add the required contact numbers.

Add any required contact number
  • Enter a default country code.

  • Select the condition for the default country code.

  • The conditions available are as follows:

  1. do not add country code

The default country code can be ignored using this option and can be used if all the contacts in your CRM contain a country code.

  1. add for all phone numbers

In case the contact numbers in your CRM do not contain a country code, you can use this option to add the country code to all the phone numbers.

  1. add if phone number starts with 0

In case some of saved contact numbers begin with 0, you can use this option to add the default country code to such numbers alone

  1. add if phone number not starts with country code

Using the option the default country code would be added to contact numbers that do not contain a country code alone. In case the number contains a country code, the default country code will be ignored.

Enter the default country code and select the settings
  • Enter the message or insert a template.

  • Access and use MessageBird approved templates as well.

  • Insert contact fields, user fields and emojis if required.

  • Add attachments in case of media templates.

  • Send the Message.

Enter and send the MessageBird message

Send Messages from list view

  • Within any SalesForce module, select the required contacts.

  • Click on the MessageBird icon at the top.

  • Select the MessageBird channel.

  • Include additional contacts as recipients using the 'Add Recipients' option.

Select the MessageBird channel and add required contacts to send bulk message
  • Enter your message or select a template.

  • Insert placeholders and emojis if required.

  • Include attachments in case of MessageBird media templates.

  • Send the message.

Send the MessageBird bulk message from Salesforce CRM

Proactive Messaging

  • Click on the Ulgebra icon accessible from anywhere with the CRM.

  • Select the MessageBird icon.

  • Select your MessageBird channel.

  • Click on 'Add Recipients'.

  • Enter the contact number and click on 'Add'.

  • Similarly, add multiple contacts to send messages.

Select MessageBird channel and add the recipients to send proactive messages
  • Enter the message or use a template.

  • Include user fields and emojis if required.

  • Add attachments in case of media templates.

  • Send the message.

proactively send the MessageBird message to the required contacts

MessageBird Chat

  • Go to any SalesForce contact and access MessageBird.

  • From the drop-down beside MessageBird, click on 'Chat View'.

Select the MessageBird Chat View
  • Select the MessageBird Channel.

Select the MessageBird channel to view the chats
  • Select the contact phone field.

Select the recipient contact number with which the MessageBird chat was held
  • You can now view the complete conversation with the contact from the selected MessageBird channel.

  • You can also send messages from the Chat View and view the read receipts for the messages sent.

View the previous MessageBird conversations and send the message

Incoming Notifications

  • Within the MessageBird interface, access the bell icon.

  • Here you can view the recent and past incoming messages.

  • Click on 'Mark all as read' to clear the notifications.

Click on the bell icon to view the real-time notifications for incoming MessageBird messages

MessageBird User Management

  • Within the MessageBird interface, click on your profile.

  • Select 'Manage App Users'.

Manage the Salesforce users who can use the MessageBird account
  • You can view the list of SalesForce CRM users.

  • Add the users you wish to be able to use your authorized MessageBird account.

  • The users can be added and removed based on the requirements of the admin.

Add and remove Salesforce users based on your requirements

MessageBird History

  • Within the contact, view the history of MessageBird messages.


Approved WhatsApp Templates

  • Click on 'Insert WhatsApp Templates'.

  • Here you can access the MessageBird approved WhatsApp templates.

  • Select any template.

Select a MessageBird approved WhatsApp template from the drop-down
  • Under Placeholders, you can view the list of variables within the template.

  • Adjacent to each variable, enter the value required or insert a CRM field.

Enter the value for the placeholders within the MessageBird WhatsApp template

Create Templates

  • Click on 'Insert Template'.

  • Select '+Add New Template'.

Create a new template
  • Enter the name of the template.

  • Enter the content of the template with placeholders and emojis if required.

  • Click on 'Save Template'.

Enter the name and message within the template, and save the message template

Edit Templates

  • Click on the edit icon adjacent to the name of the template.

Edit any existing template
  • Make the required changes.

  • Click on 'Save Template'.

Save the edited template

Delete Template

  • Click on the delete icon adjacent to the name of the template to delete any template.

Delete any template when required

MessageBird Sender

Add Sender

  • All the MessageBird channels would be available under Sender upon installation of the extension.

  • In case you wish to add a sender, click on '+Add New Sender'.

Add new MessageBird sender
  • Select the channel type of the Sender as required.

Select the the type of MessageBird channel as WhatsApp or SMS
  • Enter the MessageBird Sender ID.

  • Enter the display name of the sender.

Enter the MessageBird Sender Id and display name, and save sender

Default Sender

  • Adjacent to the name of the sender, click on the pin icon to make it a default sender.

  • You can unpin the selected sender using the pin icon.

Select a default MessageBird sender

Access the abundant features to enhance communications.


Classic Plan

$5 /user/month

  • 250 Ulgebra credits per month

  • Two Way messaging facility (Incoming and Outgoing)

  • Messages History

  • Access to SMS, WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, WeChat, Viber, Instagram and Facebook Messenger channels.

Business Plan

$10 /user/month

  • 500 Ulgebra credits per month

  • Two Way Messaging facility (Incoming and Outgoing)

  • Messages History

  • Access to SMS, WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, WeChat, Viber, Instagram and Facebook Messenger channels.

  • Proactive Messaging

  • Conversations view

  • Get instant notifications

  • Other upcoming features

Additional Credits

In case of additional credit requirements, top-up your Ulgebra Credits.