Pinnacle for Salesforce

Step 3:

Post Salesforce & Pinnacle authentication, you can view the Pinnacle icon at all places in Salesforce.

Final Step:

Go through the documentation below for all the features of the extension.

Pre -requisites for app installation


Application Installation & Authorization

Step 1: Go to Ulgebra Marketplace and install the App cursor chrome extension.

Step 2: After installing the chrome extension, select "Salesforce Integrations"

Step 4: Initially you have to sign in to Ulgebra to proceed further. You can either use the "Sign in with email" option or else you can use the  "Sign in with Google" option.
Note: The sign-in mail doesn't have to be your Pinnacle login mail. You have to use your Salesforce mail for signing in.

Step 4:  After signing in, initially you have to authorize your Salesforce account. Click on "Authorize Now".

Step 4:  After successfully authorizing your Salesforce, you have to authorize your Pinnacle account by entering your Pinnacle SMS API key and Pinnacle WABA API key. To get these credentials you have to contact the pinnacle team at the give mail address.

Now you have sucessfully authorized your Salesforce and Pinnacle account.

How to add additional senders?

Step 1:   Go to any of the Salesforce contacts--> Click the Pinnacle icon option at the top-right. Select the "Choose sender" option and then select "Add New Sender".

Step 2: 

Now you can able to view the additional sender you have added. You can able to send messages to your customers using both the sender Id.

Now the configuration of extension is successfully done and you are all set to send messages using the Pinnacle extension.

Application and Working

Send Single Messages

Step 1: Go to the contacts/leads module and open any of the contacts to whom you want to send the message. And then click the "Pinnacle icon".

Step 2: 

Step 3: You will be notified once your Message is successfully sent to your customers.

Step 4: Under the Activity option inside your contacts you can able to view the History of messages you have sent to that particular contact.

Note: Same as Contacts you can also send messages from all the other modules as well.

Send Bulk SMS Messages

Step 1: To send Bulk SMS messages go to the contacts list view and select one or more contacts to whom you want to send bulk SMS messages. After selecting the leads click the "Pinnacle icon".

Step 2: Select your Sender Id.

i)The Mobile number of the selected records will be automatically fetched in the Pop-up. 

ii)Configure your default country code option. You have multiple options for configuring the country code.

If you have a country code for all your existing records in your CRM, you can select this option.

If all your existing records in your CRM doesn't have any country code you can select this option which will add country code for all your numbers.

In case you have phone numbers in your existing records was saved with 0 (usually applies for abroad numbers) you can select this option.

In case some of your records in CRM doesn't have any country code in it you can select this option which will add country code only for the numbers which doesn't have a country code in it and ignore the ones which already have country code in it.

iii)Enter your Message and if you wish you can also add emojis of your choice and then click "Send SMS".

How to send Bulk SMS Messages to a specified Filter of leads?

Step 1:

Note: Same as Contacts you can able to send Bulk SMS messages from the other modules as well.

How to share Pinnacle Credentials with other Salesforce users?

Step 1: Go to any of the Zoho CRM leads/contacts --> Click the "Pinnacle icon" option on the top-right --> Click the profile picture --> Click "Manage App users". If you are an salesforce admin you can share your Pinnacle credentials with Salesforce users so that they can use your Pinnacle account for sending messages.

On the admin system:

On the user system:

The user while authorizing the Pinnacle account, they can either use the account shared by their admin or else they can use their own account for sending messages. To configure their own account click on the "Use another account" option.

This is all about the installation and working of the Pinnacle for Salesforce CRM extension.