Calendly Events


Zendesk Sell

Sync Calendly events with Zendesk Sell and track your daily meeting schedule


This application connects Calendly with Zendesk Sell in a few easy steps and has a good interface to book meetings with people. Scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellation can all be done just by staying from Zendesk Sell itself. The application gives a complete record of all the upcoming events, past events, and their corresponding status. Quick notifications of booked meetings in the application help easy tracking of events and make us available for meetings on time. Hence, if you are using this application, then you can get connected to your partners/customers without any delay and lack of communication.

Pre - requisites for application installation

  • Should have Calendly account (Professional plan is mandatory)

  • Should have a Zendesk Sell account


  • Schedule appointments from Zendesk Sell

  • Schedule appointments from Zendesk Sell Leads, Contacts, Companies and Deals module

  • Sync incoming events with Zendesk Sell

  • Re-schedule or cancel an appointment from Zendesk Sell

  • Get in-app notifications for newly booked events

  • Use shared Calendly account with users

Application Installation

Step 1: Go to the Zendesk Marketplace and click the "Install" option to install the "Calendly Events for Sell" application in the Zendesk account.

Step 2: Select the Zendesk account in which you want to install the application and then click, "Install".

Step 3: Now you will be redirected to the App details page where you have to enter the Calendly access token in the space provided and click the "Install" option.

Step 4: To get the Calendly access token, you can use the link here where you have to create a new token using the "Get a token now" option.

Step 5: Get a note of the displayed message and click "Continue".

Step 6: Enter the name of the access token and click the "Create token" option.

Step 7: Give the "Copy token" option to copy the access token from the Calendly account and paste it into the required space to authorize the Calendly account.

Step 8: Now the application is installed successfully and you will get a notification of the same.

This is the installation of the application "Calendly events for Zendesk Sell".

Application configuration

Step 1: Go to any of the Zendesk leads and you can find the "Calendly Events for Sell" interface at the right. Click "Authorize Now" to authorize your Zendesk account.

Step 2: Click "Authorize" to authorize the Zendesk Sell account.

Step 3: Now, you will have to authorize your Calendly account by entering your Calendly access token. You can use the "Get Here" option to get your Calendly credentials from your account. Once you have entered your credentials, click the "Authorize" option.

Step 4: Once the Calendly account is authorized, you can view the incoming events configuration. You can add the clients booking new appointments with you as a new record in your Zendesk leads/contacts module.

Step 5: You can either enable or disable the appointments from which you do not want the events to be synced with Zendesk.

Step 6: If you have multiple users in your Calendly account and wish to assign the owner of the contact/lead in the Zendesk Sell whenever an event is being booked in Calendly, then "Users mapping" has to be done.

The process for the same is below.

  • Go to the application settings page and click the profile icon and check for the option "Incoming events sync".

  • Scroll down the page and at the bottom view the "Users Mapping" section.

  • On the left, you have the Calendly users' mail IDs and on the right, you have the Zendesk Sell users' mail IDs.

  • Now, against the Calendly users' mail ID, select the required Zendesk Sell CRM users from the drop-down.

  • So, whenever an event is booked from the Calendly user's link, the mapped Zendesk Sell user will be the contact/lead owner.

Application working

1) Book new appointments from Zendesk Sell

Step 1: Go to any of the Zendesk Sell contacts/leads and choose the Calendly user and the event type you wish to book.

Step 2: Select the required date and time and click "Confirm".

Step 3: Now, you have to fill in the required details. You can copy any of the contact/lead field values and paste the values in the spaces provided.

Step 4: Once all the details are entered, click the "Schedule Event" option. Now, you will get a confirmation regarding the booked event with the contact and in-app notification of the newly scheduled event.

Thus, in this way you can schedule a new appointment from the Zendesk Sell. And, this feature is available with the Companies, Deals, Leads, and Contacts modules.

2) View the meeting details inside Zendesk Sell Lead/Contact/Deal/Companies

Once an event is booked, the meeting details will be added as notes inside the particular record in Zendesk Sell.

3) Uses of different options available in the application interface

Option 1: New Appointment

You can view all your Calendly users and their events displayed and can select one to book a new appointment from Zendesk.

Option 2: Event Links

Once you click the "Event Links" option, you can get your Calendly event booking link. Click "Get single-use link" to copy the booking link or click "Open" to open the booking link in a new tab to book an appointment.

Option 3: Events History

Under "Events History", you can view both the Upcoming and Past meetings associated with the particular lead/contact. You can also view the meeting status as "Active" or "Canceled" in this section.

4) Re-schedule or Cancel booked Calendly events from Zenesk Sell

Go to any of the Zendesk Lead/contacts --> Go to the "Events History" section --> Click the appointment you wish to re-schedule or cancel --> You will get the option to either re-schedule or cancel the event.

Using that option, you can modify the meeting date and time.

5) Event notifications and Application settings

You can view the in-app notifications for the new events inside Zendesk. Once you click the profile picture in the extension interface, you can view the application settings available.

The various settings available are:

  • Authorized Zendesk and Calendly account - You can re-authorize the account whenever required

  • Manage app users - Use shared Calendly account with users

  • Incoming events sync - Sync booked Calendly events with Zendesk

  • Field mapping for sync - Map Calendly values with Zendesk fields

  • App usage analytics - View the app usage details

  • Reset app configuration - Reset the app completely (All the application details and records will be deleted)

6) Use shared Calendly account with users

On the admin system:

  • Click the "Manage App Users" option on the App settings page.

  • You can add the Zendesk Sell users who can use your Calendly account for scheduling meetings.

  • You can able to view the list of all Zendesk Sell users and you can add them using the "Add" button.

On the user system:

The user while authorizing the Calendly account, can either use the account shared by their admin or else they can use their own account for scheduling appointments. To configure their own account click on the "Use another account" option.

This is all about the installation and working of the "Calendly Events for Zendesk Sell" application.