Clickatell SMS 


Zendesk Sell

Installation Process

Enable Clickatell SMS on Zendesk Sell following the steps below. 

The setup of the extension is complete.

Application Features

Clickatell messages 

Within any Lead, Contact or Deal under Clickatell SMS by Ulgebra, click on 'Send Clickatell Message'. Select your Clickatell message Sender. You can also include multiple contacts with this message using the 'Recipients' option. Here you can enter the contact number of the required contacts or search for existing contacts. Type in your message or insert templates. You can also insert User Fields, Lead/Contact/Deal Fields and emojis. Click on 'Send SMS'. 

Bulk Messaging 

Click on the Clickatell icon from the panel on top and click on 'Send Clickatell Message'. Select your message Sender. Click on 'Add Recipients', select the country code, enter the contact number ans click on 'Add'. Similarly, multiple numbers can be added. Enter a default country code and select the usage of the same. Enter your message or insert a template. Insert User Fields and emojis if required. Click on 'Send SMS'. 

Message History 

View the history of Clickatell messages within the respective Lead, Contact or Deal. 


Classic Plan

$5 /user/month