MessageBird for Zendesk Sell


Efficiently manage your sales within the Zendesk Sell platform using the application Messagebird for Zendesk Sell which is simple and satisfies the requirements of a varied range of businesses via MessageBird conversations. 

Enhance the productivity of your Zendesk organization by making interactions within Zendesk Sell itself. This can be achieved using the MessageBird communications platform which can be integrated into Zendesk Sell through the extension MessageBird by Ulgebra.  Sync the various social media channels available in MessageBird to Zendesk Sell in a few simple steps. Initiate conversations using the SMS, WhatsApp and Viber channels. 

Access all the MessageBird conversations in one place and receive real-time notifications for your Incoming MessageBird messages from any social media channel available within your MessageBird account.

Instantly contact any customers with the help of this integration using the desired social media platform. Store your frequently used messages as templates, in order to send pre-defined messages at any time. Stay up to date with the happenings of your customers and send timely replies.



Installation & Setup

MessageBird By Ulgebra has been integrated to your Zendesk Sell.


MessageBird Conversations

Chat View

Send Messages to multiple contacts

Conversations View

Incoming Messages

MessageBird Users Management

Desktop Notifications

Realtime Notifications

Message History

MessageBird Sender

Add Sender

Pin Sender

Message Templates

Approved Templates

Create Templates

Edit Template

Delete Template

Explore all the features of the extension.


Classic Plan

 $5 /user/month

Business Plan

 $10 /user/month

Additional Credits

In case of additional credit requirements, top-up your Ulgebra Credits.