RingCentral for Zendesk Sell


  • You can find the extension RingCentral SMS by Ulgebra within the Zendesk Marketplace.

  • Click on 'Install'.

  • Select your Zendesk account and proceed to install.

  • Install the application within your Zendesk Sell.

  • Click on RingCentral icon at the top panel.

  • Sign in using your Zendesk email id.

  • Enter your Zendesk Access Token to authorize the Zendesk account.

  • Sign in to your RingCenral account and click on 'Authorize'.


Send RingCentral Messages

Go to any Zendesk Sell Contact, Lead or Deal. Click on 'Send RingCentral Message' beneath RingCentral SMS by Ulgebra. Select your SMS sender. Enter the message or insert a template. Insert Contact/Lead/Deal Fields, User Fields & emojis if required. Send the message.

Send Bulk Messages

On the panel at the top of your Zendesk Sell account, click on the RingCentral icon. Click on 'Send RingCentral Message'. Select the sender and add the contacts required. Click on 'Add Recipients'. Select the country code and enter the contact number, Click on 'Add'. Similarly, you can add multiple contacts to send bulk messages. You can also enter a default country code and select the application of the country code. Enter your message or insert templates. Send the bulk message.

Incoming Messages

Click on your profile within the extension interface. Here you can enable or disable incoming messages from RingCentral into Zendesk Sell. Click on 'Incoming messages' and select the module to which the new RingCentral contacts are to be added.


Classic Plan

$5 /user/month

  • 250 Ulgebra credits per month

  • Automated Messages via Workflows

  • SMS for Leads and Contacts modules

  • Incoming messages support

  • Conversations UI

  • Use common shared or individual numbers for messaging