Twilio Integration for Zendesk Support

Installation instructions & features


Incorporate the application Twilio Integration into Zendesk Support to sync and send Twilio messages from your Zendesk account. Conduct your business conversations through Twilio without leaving your Zendesk Support platform. This application allows users to manage conversations held via the Twilio communication platform from Zendesk.

Connect with multiple contacts at once by sending Twilio messages using predefined message templates. Send media files such as images, videos and documents as attachments. Add your Twilio Senders to receive Twilio messages sent by Zendesk Customers as Tickets and directly send replies from the ticket.

Instantly send proactive messages to customers using the Twilio extension Tab which to avoid any delay in your communications.

Stay up to date with the Twilio conversations with the help of real-time notifications and desktop notifications. Maintain the record of all Twilio conversations held and view complete chats whenever required.

Thus, always remain connected with customers and clients across the globe using the Twilio application in Zendesk.



  • Send WhatsApp, SMS & MMS using Twilio

  • Reach out to Zendesk Support Customers

  • Send Twilio Messages to one or more customers.

  • Receive and reply to Zendesk Tickets via Twilio SMS & WhatsApp

  • Send pre-defined messages

  • Create message templates

  • View complete Twilio Conversations

  • Send Instant Twilio messages when required

  • Receive realtime and desktop notifications for incoming Twilio WhatsApp & SMS

  • Admins can now manage the Zendesk users who can use their Twilio account

Installation & Setup

Install Twilio SMS WhatsApp from Zendesk Marketplace
  • Select your Zendesk Support account and click on 'Install'.

Select Zendesk account and install the extension
  • Complete the installation process.

  • Click on the Twilio icon now visible on the panel on the left.

  • Enter your Zendesk Support domain.

  • Authorize your Zendesk Support Account.

  • Enter Twilio Account SID and Twilio Auth Toke from the Twilio Console page.

  • Authorize the Twilio account.

Authorize Twilio account using Twilio credentials

Twilio for Zendesk Support is setup.


Twilio Messages from Tickets

  • Go to any Zendesk Support Ticket.

  • Within the Apps section, click on 'Twilio SMS, WhatsApp for Support'.

  • Select the Twilio Sender from the drop-down.

Access Twilio SMS WhatsApp within Zendesk Ticket and select Twilio Sender
  • You can now view all the chats held with the contact associated, from the particular sender.

  • Enter any message or add the template.

  • Include placeholders and emojis if required.

  • You can also include attachments if applicable.

  • Send the WhatsApp or SMS message.

View Twilio chats and send Twilio WhatsApp/SMS

Twilio Messages from Customers

  • Select a Zendesk Support Customer.

  • Access the Apps section.

  • Click on 'Twilio SMS, WhatsApp for Support'.

  • Click on the drop-down adjacent to sender and select the Twilio Sender.

Access Twilio Integration within Zendesk Support Contact and select Twilio Sender
  • View the chats held with the customer.

  • Insert a template or enter the message.

  • Insert placeholders or emojis.

  • Attach files if required

  • Send the Twilio message.

Send Twilio WhatsApp/SMS to Zendesk Customers

Twilio Conversations

  • Click on the Twilio icon available on the panel on the left side to access the Twilio Dashboard.

  • Select the Twilio Sender from the drop-down.

Access Twilio Dashboard and select Twilio Sender
  • You can view all the conversations held with the particular Sender.

  • Select any conversation.

  • You can view the history of chats with the selected contact.

  • Also, enter the message or insert a template to send a Twilio SMS or WhatsApp.

  • Differentiate between incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages. The incoming WhatsApp messages would be highlighted in order to easily access and reply to the incoming messages.

Select Conversation to view previous Twilio chats and send WhatsApp/SMS messages
  • Search for any contact number to view the conversations and send messages to a specific contact.

Search for any contact number to view the Twilio chats

Twilio Messages

  • Go to the Twilio Dashboard.

  • Select Form View from the dropdown adjacent to Twilio.

Access the Form View to send Bulk Twilio WhatsApp/SMS
  • Choose your Twilio Sender.

Select the Twilio sender to send a bulk message
  • Click on 'Add Recipients'.

  • Select the country code from the drop-down and enter the contact number.

  • Click on 'Add'.

  • Similarly, multiple contacts can be added to send Twilio messages.

Add multiple contacts to send bulk Twilio WhatsApp/SMS to
  • Enter and select the condition for the default country code.

  • The settings for the default country code are as follows:

  1. do not add country code

Using this option you can ignore the default country code in case all the CRM contact numbers contain a country code.

  1. add for all phone numbers

In case none of the CRM contacts contain a country code, you can use this option to add the default country code for all numbers.

  1. add if phone number starts with 0

In case some of the saved contact numbers begin with 0, you can add the default country code to such numbers alone.

  1. add if phone number not starts with country code

In case some of the saved phone numbers do not contain a country code, this option can be used to add a default country code to such numbers alone.

Enter the default country code and select the settings for default country code
  • Enter the message or insert a template.

  • Insert emojis and User Fields if required.

  • You can also attach files in case you are sending a WhatsApp media template.

  • Send the Twilio SMS or WhatsApp message.

Enter the message, include attachments and send Twilio WhatsApp/SMS

Incoming Twilio Messages

  • Click on your Ulgebra profile within the extension interface.

  • Select Incoming events sync to access the incoming settings.

Access Twilio incoming message settings
  • Enable 'Capture incoming messages' to receive incoming Twilio WhatsApp & SMS into Zendesk Support.

  • A new Customer and associated ticket would now be created for incoming Twilio messages from new contacts.

  • The incoming messages from existing contacts would be synced to the existing ticket.

  • You can select the default Zendesk department for creating new tickets.

  • Enable the option 'Listen for ticket public comments to send replies' in order to reply to Twilio tickets using the public comments option.

  • In case you do not wish to receive incoming messages from non-existing contacts, enable 'Ignore messages from NEW customers'.

  • Add the Twilio numbers from which you wish to receive incoming messages.

  • Click on 'Add Numbers Now'.

Enable and setup Twilio incoming messages
  • Once redirected to the Twilio page containing the Sender Pool.

  • Click on 'Add Senders'.

Enable Twilio WhatsApp and SMS senders
  • Select the Sender Type as 'Phone Number' for SMS numbers and 'WhatsApp' for WhatsApp numbers.

  • Click on Continue.

Select the Twilio sender type Phone Number or WhatsApp number
  • Select the Twilio number.

  • Click on 'Add Phone Numbers'.

Select and add the Twilio sender
  • The Twilio Sender has been added successfully.

The Twilio sender has been successfully added

Realtime Notifications

  • Receive notifications for incoming Twilio messages within the extension interface.

  • View the number of unread Twilio messages alongside the bell icon.

  • Click on the bell icon to view the unread Twilio incoming SMS and WhatsApp as depicted by the image below.

  • You can differentiate between the read and unread messages.

  • Click on 'Mark all as read' to clear the notification.

Receive real-time notifications for incoming Twilio WhatsApp & SMS messages

Desktop Notifications

  • Enable multiple users to receive desktop notifications for your incoming Twilio messages.

  • Under the Ulgebra profile, select 'Message Notifications'.

Access desktop notification setup
  • Enter the email id of the user who is to receive desktop notifications.

  • Ensure that the user has an Ulgebra account under the same email id.

  • Click on 'Add User'.

Enter the email id and add user to receive desktop notifications
  • Copy the link received and share it with the respective user.

Share the link received with the respective user
  • The user must open the link in the browser containing the Ulgebra account with the entered email id.

  • Click on 'Start Receiving notifications on this browser'.

The user must enable desktop notifications for incoming Twilio WhatsApp/SMS
  • This user can now receive desktop notifications for your incoming Twilio SMS & WhatsApp.

Receive desktop notifications for incoming Twilio messages

Twilio User Management

  • Under your Ulgebra profile, click on 'Manage App Users'.

Manage Twilio users
  • Here you can view the list of Zendesk Support users within the organization.

  • The Zendesk admin can now allow these users to use the admin's authorized Twilio account.

  • The admin can Add the users to enable the permission and Remove users to disable the permission.

  • The admin can also Add all or Remove all users.

Add and remove Zendesk users for using the admin's Twilio account

Instant Twilio Messaging

  • Select 'Open in New Tab' to keep the Twilio application on a separate tab in order to access Twilio at any moment.

Open Twilio WhatsApp SMS Integration for Zendesk Support in a new tab
  • This way you can view and initiate Twilio conversations as and when required.

Access the extension features whenever required

Reset Application

  • Click on 'Reset App Configurations' to completely reset the applications.

  • This would delete all the history of the extension.

Reset app configurations
  • Enter 'confirm' and click on 'Reset'.

Confirm application reset

Twilio Senders

Add Twilio Sender

  • Click on Choose Sender.

  • From the drop-down select '+ Add New Sender'.

Add Twilio Sender
  • Select the Sender Type as SMS, MMS or WhatsApp under Channel.

Select the channel for Twilio sender
  • Enter the Twilio Sender Id.

  • Enter the Display name for the sender.

  • Click on 'Save Sender'.

Save the new Twilio sender

Default Twilio Sender

  • From the Choose Sender drop-down, click on the pin icon adjacent to the name of the sender to enable a default Twilio Sender.

Select a default Twilio sender

Twilio Templates

Add Twilio Template

  • Within the extension interface, click on 'Insert Template'.

  • From the drop-down select '+ Add New Template'.

Create a new message template
  • Enter the name of the template.

  • Enter the message within the template.

  • Include placeholders and emojis if required.

  • Click on Save Template.

Enter the name and content of the message. Save the template

Edit Template

  • Click on the edit icon adjacent to the name of the template.

Edit an existing message template
  • Make the necessary changes.

  • Click on 'Save Template'.

Save edited template

Delete Template

  • In order to delete a template, click on the delete icon adjacent to the name of the template.

  • The template has now been deleted.

Delete message template

Enhance your communications with the features above.


Classic Plan

$5 /user/month

  • 250 Ulgebra credits per month

  • Two Way messaging facility (Incoming and Outgoing)

  • Messages History

  • Access to Twilio channels

Business Plan

$10 /user/month

  • 500 Ulgebra credits per month

  • Two Way Messaging facility (Incoming and Outgoing)

  • Messages History

  • Access to Twilio channels

  • Proactive Messaging

  • Conversations view

  • Get instant notifications

  • Other upcoming features

Additional Credits

In case of additional credit requirements, top-up your Ulgebra Credits.

Privacy Policy

The policy explains what information do we collect when you use our extension. It also has the information about how do we use, store, transfer and delete that information.

What information do we collect?

The twilio account credentials will be collected and it will be used to identify and associate your twilio account with Zendesk.

How do we store the collected information?

We use Google Firebase server to store you account details.

How do we use the stored information?

We use the collected Twilio account details to associate with your Zendesk account,

Do we get access over your Messages?

While we don't save your messages in our server, the messages you send and receive will be through our server and it will be stored in your Zendesk account.