Twilio Zendesk Sell


The Zendesk Sell platform allows you to easily manage all your customers and deals. This process can be further simplified with the help of the communication services provided by Twilio. Integrate your Twilio SMS & WhatsApp channels with Zendesk Sell through the integration Twilio for Zendesk Sell to make interactions more productive. Receive real-time notifications and stay up to date with all conversations.

Extension Features

  • Proactive messaging from Contacts, Leads & Deals

  • Send Twilio messages to one or more contacts

  • Access complete Twilio chats

  • View all Twilio conversations

  • Send predefined messages

  • Receive real-time notifications for incoming Twilio messages

  • Enable desktop notifications

  • Manage Twilio users


Installation & Setup

  • Select your Zendesk account and click on 'Install'.

  • Click on the Twilio icon at the panel on top.

  • Select 'Send Twilio Message'.

  • Click on 'Authorize Now' to proceed to Zendesk Sell authorization.

  • Click on 'Authorize' to authorize your Zendesk Sell account.

  • Enter the Twilio Account SID & Auth Token available on the Twilio Console page.

  • Authorize your Twilio account.

Twilio for Zendesk Sell application has been installed & setup.


Twilio SMS & WhatsApp

  • Go to any Zendesk Sell Lead, Contact or Deal.

  • Under Twilio SMS WhatsApp for Zenesk Sell, click on 'Send Twilio Message'.

  • Click on 'Choose Sender' to select your Twilio Sender.

  • Click on 'Add Recipients' to send SMS & WhatsApp to additional contacts.

  • Select the country code and enter the contact number.

  • Click on 'Add'.

  • Search for any existing contact.

  • Select the required contact.

  • To add a default country code, enter the country code.

  • From the dropdown, select the application of the country code.

  • The settings for default country code are as follows:

  1. do not add country code

Using this option you can ignore the default country code in case all the contact numbers contain a country code.

  1. add for all phone numbers

In case none of the contacts contain a country code, you can use this option to add the default country code for all numbers.

  1. add if phone number starts with 0

In case some of the saved contact numbers begin with 0, you can add the default country code to such numbers alone.

  1. add if phone number not starts with country code

In case some of the saved phone numbers do not contain a country code, this option can be used to add a default country code to such numbers alone

  • Enter the message or insert a template.

  • Insert user fields, contact fields and emojis based on your requirements.

  • Include attachments in case of a media WhatsApp template.

  • Send the message.

Chat View

  • Select Chat View from the drop-down adjacent to Twilio.

  • Select the Twilio channel of which you wish to see the chat.

  • Select the recipient phone field.

  • You can view the conversations held with the recipient using the selected channel along with the read receipts for the WhatsApp messages sent.

  • Also, send messages from the Chat View.

Send Twilio Messages to contacts list

  • Click on the Twilio icon at the panel on top.

  • Click on 'Send Twilio Message'.

  • Select your Twilio Sender from which you wish to send the Twilio messages.

  • Click on 'Add Recipients'.

  • Enter the contact number and click on 'Add'.

  • Similarly, multiple contacts can be added to send Twilio messages.

  • Enter the message or insert a template.

  • Include fields and emojis if required.

  • Add attachments in case of media templates.

  • Send your Twilio message to one or more selected recipients.

Conversations View

  • From the drop-down adjacent to Twilio, select 'Conversations View'.

  • Here you can view all the conversations held through Twilio SMS & WhatsApp.

  • Select any contact to view the conversations of the particular contact.

  • You can also send messages from the Conversations View.

  • Select any Twilio channel to view the conversations from a specific channel.

  • Search for any contact number to view all the conversations with the particular number.

Incoming SMS & WhatsApp

  • Within the extension interface, click on your Ulgebra profile.

  • Select 'Incoming events sync'.

  • Here enable 'Capture incoming messages' to receive incoming SMS & WhatsApp via Twilio.

  • Select the Zendesk module to which new contacts are to be added for nonexisting Twilio numbers.

  • You can enable the option 'Ignore messages from NEW customers' in case you do not wish to receive incoming messages from nonexisting contacts and thus new contacts would not be created.

  • Add your Twilio numbers for receiving incoming messages using the 'Add Numbers Now' now.

Message Notifications

  • Access the interface of Twilio SMS & WhatsApp for Zendesk Sell.

  • Click on the bell icon at the top right corner.

  • Here you can view the notifications for incoming messages along with the number of unread messages.

  • You can also view the history of previous incoming messages.

  • Click on any particular notification to view the incoming message.

  • Click on 'Mark all as read' to clear the notifications.

Desktop Notifications

  • Using this option you can allow multiple users to receive desktop notifications for your incoming Twilio SMS &WhatsApp.

  • Under your profile within the extension interface, click on 'Message Notifications'.

  • Enter the email id of the user for whom you wish to enable desktop notifications for. The user must have an Ulgebra account in the same email id.

  • Copy and share the invite link with the user.

  • The invite link must be opened on the browser of the user with the shared email id.

  • Click on 'Start Receiving notifications on this browser'.

  • The user can now receive desktop notifications for using incoming SMS & WhatsApp from Twilio.

Twilio User Management

  • Access the extension interface.

  • Click on your profile.

  • Select 'Manage App Users'.

  • You can now view the list of Zendesk Sell users.

  • In case the user is to use the Twilio account of the admin, the admin can add the users.

  • You can add and remove users when ever required.

Message History

  • View the history of outgoing and incoming Twilio messages as notes within Zendesk Sell.

Twilio Sender

Add Sender

  • Click on the 'Choose Sender' drop-down under Sender to view the list of available senders.

  • Click on '+ Add New Sender'.

  • Select the tyle of Channel to be added.

  • Enter the Twilio Sender ID.

  • Enter the display name of the Sender.

Default Twilio Sender

  • Click on the pin icon adjacent to the name of the sender, to add a default sender.

  • You can remove the selected default sender by clicking on the unpin icon.

Message Templates

Create Template

  • Select the 'Insert Template' drop-down to view all the created templates.

  • Click on '+Add New Template'.

  • Enter the name of the template.

  • Enter the content of the template.

  • Insert the required fields and emojis.

  • Click on 'Save Template'.

Edit Template

  • Click on the edit icon adjacent to the name of the template.

  • Make the required changes.

  • Click on 'Save Template'.

Delete Template

  • Click on the delete icon adjacent to the name of the template to delete the template.


Classic Plan

$5 /user/month

  • 250 Ulgebra credits per month

  • Two Way messaging facility (Incoming and Outgoing)

  • Messages History

  • Access to SMS and WhatsApp channel

Business Plan

$10 /user/month

  • 500 Ulgebra credits per month

  • Two Way Messaging facility (Incoming and Outgoing)

  • Messages History

  • Access to SMS and WhatsApp channel

  • Proactive Messaging

  • Conversations view

  • Get instant notifications

  • Other upcoming features

Additional Credits

In case of additional credit requirements, top-up your Ulgebra Credits.