Acuity Scheduling for Zoho CRM

Manage your Acuity Scheduling appointments within Zoho CRM


Simplify the management of your calendar using the Acuity Scheduling software inside Zoho CRM with the help of the integration Acuity Scheduling for Zoho CRM.


  • Schedule Acuity appointments from Leads, Contacts, Deals & Accounts of Zoho CRM

  • View the history of Acuity appointments of each contact

  • Access the history of all appointments at the Acuity Dashboard

  • Access the booking links of all Acuity events

  • Receive real-time notifications for Acuity events booked

  • The CRM can allow users to use a shared Acuity account

  • View the analytics of the usage of the integration


  • Must be a Zoho CRM user.

  • Must have an Acuity Scheduling account.

  • Must have an Acuity Scheduling Powerhouse plan.


  • Install the application Acuity Scheduling for Zoho CRM from the Zoho Marketplace.

  • Agree to the permissions required.

  • Click on 'Continue'.

  • Select the users for whom the application is to be installed.

  • Click on 'Confirm'.

  • Once the extension is installed, access Settings from the Configure page.

  • Select the Zoho account DC from the drop-down.

  • Click on 'Authorize Now'.

  • Click on 'Accept' to complete Zoho Authorization.

  • Enter the Acuity Scheduling User Id and API Key.

  • Authorize Acuity Scheduling account.

Acuity Scheduler is now integrated with Zoho CRM.


Contact Appointments

  • Go to any Zoho CRM Lead, Contact, Deal or Account.

  • From the drop-down on the right side, select 'New Acuity Appointment'.

  • You can now view the list of all the Acuity events.

  • Click on 'Book' adjacent to the event you wish to book an appointment in.

  • You can also select the required event from the All Appointment Types drop-down.

  • Select the date for the appointment.

  • Select the time of the meeting.

  • Click on 'Continue'.

  • The contact details would be auto-filled if available.

  • Edit the details if required.

  • Enter the additional booking details.

  • Click on 'Complete Appointment'.

  • View the booking confirmation once the appointment is scheduled.

Contact Acuity History

  • Select Acuity Events from the Related List on the left.

  • You can view the history of the upcoming and past meetings with the contact.

  • Select any event to view the booking details.

  • Also, reschedule or cancel upcoming events.

Acuity Dashboard

  • Select Acuity Dashboard from the drop-down at the panel on top.

  • Here you can view the complete history of appointments booked on the Acuity scheduler.

  • Click on 'Show Past Meetings' to view the details of past appointments booked.

  • Click on the 'All Appointment Types' drop-down and select an event to view the appointments of a particular event.

  • Search for any contact to view the appointments of a particular contact.

  • Select any appointment to view the details of the booking.

  • Here you can reschedule, cancel and edit the details of upcoming events.

Acuity Booking Links

  • Select 'Event Links' from the application panel.

  • Here you can view the list of Acuity events.

  • Click on 'Open' below the event to access the booking link.

  • Click on 'Copy' below the booking link to copy and share the Acuity booking link.

Real-time Notifications

  • View the number of the latest appointments at the bell icon.

  • Click on the bell icon to view the notifications.

  • Here you can view the viewed and latest appointments.

  • Click on the appointment to view the details.

  • You can also access the contact associated directly from the notification.

Extension Settings

  • Click on the Ulgebra profile within the extension interface to access the settings page.

  • You can now view all the extension settings.

Acuity User Management

  • The Zoho CRM admin can allow users to use their Acuity Scheduling account.

  • Select 'Manage App Users'.

  • You can view the list of Zoho CRM users within the organization.

  • Add users to allow them to use your Acuity account.

  • You can also remove, add all and remove all users.

  • On the user account, during Acuity Scheduling authorization the added user can select the admin account.

  • The authorization would be completed directly using the admin account.

Access Acuity Tab

  • Select 'Open in New Tab'.

  • You can now access the extension at all times in a separate tab.

Application Analytics

  • Select 'App Usage Analytics'.

  • You can now view the statistics of the usage of the application.

Reset Extension

  • Select 'Reset App Configurations'.

  • Enter 'confirm' and click on 'Reset'.

  • All the details of the application would now be deleted.


Classic Plan

$10 /user/month

  • 500 Ulgebra credits per month

  • Book appointments from Zoho CRM

  • View booked appointments history

  • Get contacts and events as records created inside the Zoho CRM board for new Acuity events.

Business Plan

$15 /user/month

  • 750 Ulgebra credits per month

  • Book an appointment from Zoho CRM

  • View booked meetings history

  • Notifications for new Acuity events.

  • Get contacts and events as records created inside the Zoho CRM for new Acuity events.

  • Sync Acuity scheduling data into CRM fields.

  • Access to all new upcoming features

Additional Credits

In case of additional credit requirements, top-up your Ulgebra Credits.