Read Receipt


Zoho CRM

Know when your customers read your emails, and run workflows automatically when they do.


Make sure the recipient has read your email when you send from Zoho CRM with the Read Receipt extension by Ulgebra. Build workflows, tasks, and custom functions to be executed in CRM when the recipient reads your email. View a detailed analysis of each email access history in your Ulgebra account. Get notified instantly when your customers open your email in Zoho


Custom "Send Email with Read Receipt" Button for Leads and Contacts

Get real-time SalesSignal notifications in Zoho CRM when a customer reads one of your emails

Each Email sent to Leads and Contacts will be created as a new record in the Read Receipts custom module

An "is Opened" field for the corresponding record in the Read Receipts custom module.

It will be marked as selected when a recipient opens your email.


How many users are allowed with single subscription?

Unlimited Users