RingCentral Bulk SMS for Zoho CRM


Zoho CRM is one of the best cloud based Customer Relationship Management software which makes the entire working of sales team easy. It is utilized and used in large numbers from small to medium sized business. This CRM helps engaging customers faster and keeps an update of all the information.

The RingCentral helps to send text messages to co-workers or any numbers outside the company if direct RingCentral number is assigned to the extension. Hence the extension RingCentral SMS for Zoho CRM offers faster and efficient communication with customers at any time by keeping them connected.

Pre -requisites for app installation

  • Should have Zoho CRM account

  • Should have RingCentral account

  • Should have RingCentral number and approved templates


  • Send single SMS to leads and contacts

  • Send Bulk SMS to leads and contacts

  • Create and manage templates

  • View the history of RingCentral messages

  • Send automated messages through workflows

Application Installation

Step 1: Go to Zoho marketplace and install the extension following the below steps.

Step 2: Select the check box by agreeing to the terms and conditions and click Continue.

Step 3: Choose the profiles to whom you want to install the application in Zoho CRM and click Continue.

Step 4: If you don't have a RingCentral account, then SignUp to create an account. Click Authorize if you already have an existing account.

Step 5: Sign in to RingCentral account using either mail or Phone number and click Next.

Step 6: Enter the RingCentral account password and other credential. Click Sign in to login to your account.

Step 7: Accept the access request and click Authorize.

Step 8: Click Finish to complete the setup.

Step 9: You will be re-directed to RingCentral SMS settings page. Configure the modules for the incoming messages received to the RingCentral number. Before creating a new customer in Zoho CRM, it will be checked with the existing clients in the CRM under the selected modules. If an existing client is found, then the incoming message will be synced with the existing client's profile.

Step 10: For adding a client to Zoho CRM for new incoming messages, select the module, so that the client will be added to that particular module.

This is the installation of the application, RingCentral SMS for Zoho CRM.

Application Working

1) Send Single SMS

Step 1: Go to any of the Zoho CRM leads/contacts and select the drop down at the top right corner and click the option Send SMS - RingCentral.

Step 2: Select the phone field of the client and the RingCentral number. Either choose the template or type your message in the message text box and click Send. You can also insert any user field or lead field if required. You also have option to schedule the message.

2) Send Bulk SMS

Step 1: Select the number of lead/contacts to whom you want to send bulk messages. Click Send Bulk SMS - RingCentral from the dropdown at the top.

Step 2: Select the number field and the country code. Click Send to send bulk messages to clients.

Schedule messages for sending later

You can select the check box near the schedule option while sending single/bulk messages. Select the appropriate date and time and click Schedule so that the messages will be sent at the scheduled time.

Create and manage templates

Click the three dots at the top right corner near the Marketplace option. Check for the option RingCentral SMS Templates and create/manage your templates.

While creating templates, name the template and choose the module. Copy and paste the content of the approved template in the text box and click Save Template option.

View RingCentral SMS history

You can view all the messages in the RingCentral SMS history for each lead/contact.

You can view all the messages sent and received with all clients in the RingCentral SMS history module.

Automated messages using workflows

Click Settings --> Automation --> Workflow rules --> Create rule. Enter the workflow name, Module name for setting up the workflow for that particular module. Enter and fill the necessary details required in the workflow and use webhook for invoking the workflow.

Click Save to save the workflow and later whenever the conditions are met, the workflow will be triggered and automated messages will be sent to the clients.

This is the installation and working of the application "RingCentral SMS for Zoho CRM".