Route Mobile SMS

for Zoho CRM

Send Bulk & Automated SMS to your Leads & Contacts


After installing the extension go to settings page and provide the following details.

  1. Provide your Routemobile Username & Password

  2. Provide your SENDER ID for SMS

  3. Use Webhook URL feature to send Automated SMS using Zoho CRM workflows. Watch demo here

Usage & Features

Send SMS to Zoho CRM Lead & Contact

Go to any Lead or Contact and choose Send SMS - Route Mobile option as shown below

Send Bulk SMS to Zoho CRM Leads & Contacts

  1. Go to Leads List or Contact List

  2. Choose multiple records

  3. Choose Send Bulk SMS - Route Mobile option

Schedule SMS & Templates

  1. On choosing Send SMS - Rivet SMS option a dialog interface like below opens.

  2. Click Choose Template option to Send SMS templates you have defined in templates section.

  3. Use Schedule on option and select a desired time and date to trigger SMS later

About Route Mobile:

Route Mobile is a leading Cloud Communication Platform provider, catering to enterprises, over-the-top (OTT) players and mobile network operators (MNO). Our range of enterprise communication services includes smart solutions in Messaging, Voice, Email, and SMS Filtering, Analytics & Monetization.