WhatsApp Web for Zoho CRM

Communication through WhatsApp made easier from Zoho CRM


Zoho CRM is one of the best cloud-based Customer Relationship Management software which makes the entire working of the sales team easy. It is utilized and used in large numbers from small to medium-sized business. This CRM helps engaging customers faster and keeps an update of all the information.

In the modern digital world, communication is the major tool to connect people. This communication has been made easier by various social media. The first and the most widely used social media for communication is WhatsApp. It has made communication faster, easier, and more convenient for people to connect globally. "WhatsApp Web for Zoho CRM" is an unofficial WhatsApp integration tool developed by Ulgebra. Using this application, we can connect with any of our WhatsApp numbers to communicate with our clients from Zoho CRM.

Pre-requisites for app installation

  • Should have Zoho CRM account

  • Should have any WhatsApp account

[Note: WhatsApp Web tab has to be always connected with good internet connection for sending messages using the extension. Sign Up to the Whatcetra account using the link https://app.whatcetra.com/ for enabling incoming messages feature, automated messages feature, and single number sharing feature.]


  • Bulk messaging cost (Automatic monthly renewal plan) - Purchase from Ulgebra Store any one of the plans to access the bulk messaging feature and other related features with the extension.

[Note: Once purchased, enter the CRM mail ID of the users in the space provided in Ulgebra store to activate the license for users]

Message Limit

There is no message limit for the messages you send using the extension. You can send messages based on the number of message credits you have in your account.

What are message credits?

Message credits are the messages and media files you send using the extension. Eg : 1 text message = 1 message credit. And the credit value varies for the media files you send. It will be as:

  • For image files : 2 credits - 1 credit for text message + 1 credit for the image file

  • For document/pdf files : 3 credits - 1 credit for text message + 2 credits for the document/pdf file

  • For video files : 4 credits - 1 credit for text message + 3 credits for the video file

[Note: Make sure the media file is within 5MB file size.]

The message credits will be consumed for the outgoing messages as well as the incoming messages.

Additional credits

  • Based on the bulk messaging plan you purchase, you will get monthly credits as 1k, 2k, and 3k message credits. If you need additional credits other than these monthly credits, you can get 1000 credits for $4.

  • If you need bulk additional credits, then check the button termed as "Volume plans" for purchasing bulk credits.

  • The volume plan will be valid for a period of three months and renewed every three months.

[Note: The additional credits can be used along with any of the active monthly bulk messaging plans.]

Legal disclaimer

  • You may use this tool "as it is".

  • Do not use this tool for Spamming. If you use it for spamming WhatsApp will block your account and we have no responsibility for that.

  • This is an unofficial enhancement tool for WhatsApp Web. The Chrome plugin is not endorsed or certified by WhatsApp Inc or Zoho.

  • The prices set above are our price for using our tool and not WhatsApp's fee.

  • We do not guarantee any uptime, business continuity for this tool. If WhatsApp pushes a new update in their application we may experience downtime and we may take up to a day to fix issues if needed.

  • Kindly follow WhatsApp's Terms & Conditions and if you violate them using this tool, we do not take responsibility for you or for the actions taken by WhatsApp.

  • If you do not agree with our terms you must not continue to use our tool.

Application Installation and Setup

Step 1: Go to Zoho marketplace and search for the application "WhatsApp Web for Zoho CRM". Click "Install" to install the application from the Zoho marketplace.

Step 2: Select the check boxes by agreeing to the terms and conditions and click Continue.

Step 3: By agreeing to the terms and conditions, click Continue to Install.

Step 4: Select the User/Profiles to whom you want to install the extension and confirm it by clicking Confirm option.

Step 5: Now, you will be re-directed to the extension settings page where you will be able to view the features available with the extension.

Step 6: To configure the settings for outgoing messages, click the Outgoing messages option. Click Install Now to install a google chrome extension so that the WhatsApp messages will be sent in the background itself.

Step 7: Click Add to chrome option to add the chrome extension.

Step 8: Click Add extension, so that the chrome extension will be added.

Step 9: Once the chrome extension is added, refresh your Zoho CRM and you will be able to view it in the settings page as the chrome extension is Installed.

Step 10: Next, click the Back button and click the feature Bulk Messages. You can view the chrome extension for the feature which has already been installed.

Step 11: For using the feature Zoho CRM Inside WhatsApp Web, from the settings page, click Install Now to install the chrome extension and you have to authorize your account.

Step 12: Click Add to chrome option to add the chrome extension.

Step 13: Click Add extension, so that the chrome extension will be added.

Step 14: Once the chrome extension is added, refresh your Zoho CRM and you will be able to view it in the settings page as the chrome extension is Installed and is authorized and connected.

Step 15: Go to Incoming Messages feature settings page and enable the first option so that whenever you receive a WhatsApp message from a new number, a new lead/contact will be created. You can select the module as lead/contact from the dropdown so that the client will be added under that particular module. Copy the Name and Webhook URL provided in the settings page.

Step 16: Then log in to your Whatcetra account using the link https://app.whatcetra.com/. Click the Integrations option at the top and click Integrate Zoho CRM option and paste the Name and Webhook URL in the space provided and save it by clicking the Save option.

Step 17: For receiving incoming WhatsApp messages inside Zoho CRM, you have to install an android application in your phone so that the notifications you receive in your WhatsApp, will be forwarded to the Zoho CRM. Click Install Now to install the android application or search for the app in the play store by the name "Whatcetra - Notifications forwarder for Business".

Step 18: Install the application in your android mobile and enable the capture messages options option as indicated in the image.

[Note: Make sure you have logged in with the same Whatcetra account as you have logged in Web also.]

Step 19: If you don't have an android application, then you can log in to WhatsApp Web and enable the option below to receive incoming messages.

Step 20: Enable the option to save the incoming messages from clients.

[Note: Incoming messages will be received and notified in Zoho CRM whenever this WhatsApp Web tab is opened.]

This is the installation and configurations to be made for using the extension.

Have any queries/issues with the extension? Look at the FAQs here.