Xero for Zoho CRM


Zoho CRM is one of the best cloud based Customer Relationship Management software which makes the entire working of sales team easy.  It is utilized and used in large numbers from small to medium sized business. This CRM helps engaging customers faster and keeps an update of all the information. Xero is an online accounting software that handles all the functions from bank and also provides financial reporting. It is useful for growing business to maintain the invoices and payroll of the clients.

Hence, Xero for Zoho CRM has been developed by integrating Zoho CRM and Xero which makes easy access of financial information of customers. This extension helps making the process faster within Zoho CRM without any interruption.


Application Installation

Step 1: Go to marketplace and search for the app Xero for Zoho CRM and install it in the Zoho CRM following the below steps.

Step 2:  The application needs access of your account inorder to sync your Xero account with Zoho CRM. So give "Allow access" to proceed with the installation.

Step 3: Select your Xero organization to connect with Zoho CRM.

Now, the installation and integration is done and now you are ready to use the application in Zoho CRM.

Where do you find the list of Xero invoices?

Once an invoice is created, it gets added under the respective customer and also in accounts module. It contains all the information like account name, invoice number, invoice date and its status. The list of invoices appears under "Invoices" section in both contacts and account module.

Xero invoice details

The Xero invoice details like the product, its quantity, pricing and discount details appear under "Xero" section under each contacts module.

Where to access Xero invoice features?

You can go to Invoice module and click the drop down at the top right corner. All Xero features like to create/edit invoice, delete invoice, download invoice etc., are available for easy access. You can click Xero Invoice /Payment status to view the status of the invoice. You can cancel the invoice using Xero Invoice change to void option.  Likewise you can also create/update the invoice or download the invoice pdf using the options in the dropdown menu.

This is the installation and working of the application Xero for Zoho CRM. 

How to create invoice from Zoho CRM?

For creating invoices from Zoho CRM, you need to add the custom fields to select Xero organization and Xero account inside your Invoice module.  Kindly follow the below steps to add a custom field inside the Invoice module.

1.Go to CRM settings page and under Customization select "Modules and Fields"

2. Under Modules select "Invoices"

3. Select "Edit Layout"

4. Drag and drop the picklist field any where as per your wish.

5.Once you drop the picklist inside the layout, enter the values for your Picklist properties. Enter your Field label as "Xero Organization" and add the list of your organizations under the Picklist Option. (Note: Field label is case sensitive)

Click "Done" to save the Picklist.

6.Drag and drop another picklist inside the layout, enter the values for your Picklist properties. Enter your Field label as "Xero Accounts" and add the list of your Accounts under the Picklist Option. (Note: Field label is case sensitive)

Click "Done" to save the Picklist

7.Now your custom fields (Xero Organization and Xero Accounts) have been successfully created.

Steps to create new invoice from the Invoices module

1.Click Create Invoice button at the top right corner in the Invoices module in Zoho CRM.

2.Enter all the required details where you will also find the created custom fields which are Xero Organization and Xero Accounts. You can select the values of them from the corresponding dropdowns. Once all details are filled, click "Save" so that that the invoice will be saved in the Invoice module.

This is the process of creating  a new invoice from the Zoho CRM.