LookUp for Zoho CRM

Access Zoho CRM details of a Contact/Lead/Account from your WhatsApp web


Wondering, how to access the Zoho CRM person records easily through WhatsApp Web, which is an easy and faster mode of getting and reviewing the details? Here is the extension "LookUp for Zoho CRM". 

LookUp for Zoho CRM helps to manage the Zoho CRM customer details inside WhatsApp Web. Hence just stay in WhatsApp Web and access your client details from WhatsApp contacts.

Pre-requisites for app installation


Application installation

Install LookUp for Zoho CRM
Visit Website for setup
Add Ulgebra Lookup App Chrome extension
Confirm extension addition to browser
Access the Ulgebra Lookup Apps for CRM/Desk extension
Enable Zoho CRM
Sign in to Ulgebra using Zoho CRM email id
Select Zoho account DC
Authorize Zoho account
Complete Zoho CRM authorization

You can now access Zoho CRM contact details within WhatsApp Web.

Application working

1) View existing Zoho CRM record details inside WhatsApp Web.

Step 1: Click any of the WhatsApp chats and view the records if any found in the Zoho CRM. You can view that a contact/lead/account is found and its complete details based on the contact number.

[Note: The app first searches for a contact record, then a lead record and finally an account record in Zoho CRM.]

View Zoho CRM contact details within WhatsApp Web

Step 2: If you want to search for the record in any other modules in Zoho CRM, click the drop-down at the top and select the required module to check for any existing records.

Select Zoho CRM module

Step 3: If you want to migrate to the Zoho CRM containing the record details, then click the "Zoho CRM" option so that it directs to the Zoho CRM record details page from WhatsApp Web.

Access Zoho CRM contact from WhatsApp Web

In this way, you can view the existing Zoho CRM records inside WhatsApp Web.

2) Create a new Zoho CRM record from WhatsApp Web

Step 1: Click any of the WhatsApp chats/contacts which you want to add to your Zoho CRM account. Select the module in which the record has to be added and enter all the required details.

Once entered, click the "Create New Lead/Contact/Account in Zoho CRM" so that the same will be created in your Zoho CRM account.

[Note: Once a record is created, it will take few minutes to reflect in the WhatsApp Web.]

Select module to create contact in Zoho CRM

Step 2: If you wish to create and enter the details from your Zoho CRM, then click the "Zoho CRM" option available which will re-direct you to Zoho CRM to create a new record.

Access Zoho CRM to create contact if required

Step 3: Once a record is created in your Zoho CRM account, the Source of the same will be displayed as "WhatsApp".

View the contact created from WhatsApp Web in Zoho CRM

Step 4: If you want to create a new lead/contact/account with same existing number, then click the "+Lead/ +Contact/ +Account" option to create a new record in addition to the existing record.

Create multiple contacts in Zoho CRM for a WhatsApp number

Thus, this is the process of creating a new Zoho CRM record from WhatsApp Web.

3) View hidden fields and manage the display fields

Step 1: Go to any of the WhatsApp chats/contacts and scroll down and check for the option "Show hidden fields" to view all the Zoho CRM fields.

If you want to manage the field views, click the "Configure display fields" option.

Access and customize Zoho CRM fields visible in WhatsApp Web

Step 2: Now, you can view both the Show fields and Display fields. You can just drag and drop the required fields either from left to right or right to left.

You can also add the fields in a required order so that the same will be displayed in the WhatsApp Web.

Configure the Zoho CRM fields visible in WhatsApp Web

This is how you can configure the show fields in the WhatsApp Web.

4) Export WhatsApp chats as notes into Zoho CRM

Step 1: Go to any of the WhatsApp chats/contacts and click on Export Chat.

Export WhatsApp chats as Notes in Zoho CRM

Step 2: Now you can view the complete WhatsApp conversation. Select the required chats.

Click on Add Note.

Select and export the WhatsApp chats

This is how you can export WhatsApp chats to Zoho CRM.

Additional features

The other additional features available with the extension are:

Search and edit Zoho CRM contact details from WhatsApp Web

This is the setup and working of the application LookUp for Zoho CRM. This application helps in easy access, editing, and updating the information of the Zoho CRM records from WhatsApp Web without loss of time and energy.


                                             Classic Plan                                             $10/user per month

Save WhatsApp contacts as Zoho CRM Contact/Lead/Account.

Access for editing 5 fields

Add notes