Zoho Desk

Schedule Calendly Events from Zoho Desk


Support agents can now view customer appointments booked on Calendly as events in Zoho Desk. They can also send out Calendly appointment links from a Zoho Desk ticket so that customers can easily schedule an appointment.


  1. Log in to your Calendly account and copy your personal access token from API and webhooks section

2. Install Calendly events for Zoho desk extension from Zoho marketplace.

3. To enable the integration kindly enter the access token you have copied from the Api and webhooks section. Select the department to which you want to use this extension.

4. Now the extension is successfully authorized. Now you are all set to use Calendly for Zoho desk extension.


1. Inside any ticket you can book an appointment using the "New appointment" option from the ticket view.

2. View all the upcoming and past events of a particular contact in the ticket view.

3. Also view the contact's appointment inside the contact's view page. You can also directly book an appointment from the contact view.

4. Whenever an appointment is booked the lead owner will receive a notification inside the Zoho Desk. Select 'Calendly' to view the details of the upcoming and past meetings inside Zoho Desk.

5. Open any of the appointments listed in the Calendly page, you can able to cancel or reschedule appointments directly from Zoho desk.

6. Choose the Calendly users from the dropdown to view the appointments respectively. You can switch between the Calendly users to view the events of each user.