Read Receipt


Zoho Desk

Know ticket access history by agents and customers.
Write custom views and workflows
for ticket read event.


Make sure the recipient has read your email and get an indicator for each email. Write workflows, tasks, and custom functions to be executed when the recipient reads your email, such as updating the ticket assignee, ticket status, or due date. View detailed analysis of each email thread access history in Ulgebra website. View the history of agents who accessed a ticket, how many views for a ticket and when the ticket was last opened by any agent. Custom Views & Workflows can be written based on ticket view count and last access time using the ticket custom field provided by the extension such as "filter tickets not opened by any agents", "filter tickets with more or fewer views" and "filter tickets not opened for a long time".

$5/ month for an organization


Read receipt indicator for customer emails

Get access statistics in ticket custom field, which can be used to write ticket custom views for filtering tickets.

History of ticket access by agents and ticket views count.

Write automated workflows, tasks, and field updates to be executed with respect to the ticket access event by customers or agents.


How many users are allowed with single subscription?

Unlimited Users