Twilio SMS, MMS
for Zendesk Support & Zendesk Sell

Installation instructions & features

After installing the extension in Zendesk do the steps as per the below screenshots

Step 1:

Provide Twilio SID & Twilio Authtoken from and install the app

Step 2:

After installing the extension, follow the below steps to setup to receive incoming SMS, MMS, WhatsApp messages as tickets inside your zendesk.

After clicking add account, the follow the instructions as per the popup shown in Zendesk.


Privacy Policy:

The policy explains what information do we collect when you use our extension. It also has the information about how do we use, store, transfer and delete that information.

What information do we collect?

The twilio account credentials will be collected and it will be used to identify and associate your twilio account with Zendesk.

How do we store the collected information?

We use Google Firebase server to store you account details.

How do we use the stored information?

We use the collected Twilio account details to associate with your Zendesk account,

Do we get access over your Messages?

While we don't save your messages in our server, the messages you send and receive will be through our server and it will be stored in your Zendesk account.